Jan. 15th, 2011

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I'm still getting a ton of charity solicitations, though they've thinned out a lot over the past few months. One of the organizations that's still trying really, really hard to get money out of me is Ducks Unlimited, which aims to preserve wetlands and, um, ducks, apparently.

Which, hey, I fully support. Except when I looked closely at one of the multiple address label sheets they sent me (*sigh*), I noticed some of the labels featured pictures of ducks, some of dogs...and some of dogs and ducks. Ducks that are sort of limp, and dangling from the dog's mouth.

Awesome. "Save the ducks...so we can have some ducks to kill! WOO! San Dimas High School football rules!"

And just a few days ago, my lack of donation did not deter Ducks Unlimited from sending me this beautiful piece of art:

It's called Duck Masters. No, really. )

Stunning, no? Evidently, ducks and water dogs are the totally the bffs of nature. The Lucy and Ethel of the wetlands, if you will. They love to just chillax together and not try to break each other's necks or quack and fly away in terror. Those dogs on my address labels, they weren't carting around the corpses of ducks; they were just giving their chums a friendly oral neck massage!

Either that, or this is the groomsman portrait from Max and Louie's wedding album.


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