Apr. 26th, 2011

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Age 5 - Teacher. The first women with regular jobs -- other than my mom and closest aunt, who were both waitresses -- who I ever knew were teachers. Apparently, I already knew I was too lazy to be a food server.

Age 6 - Pilot. Watching Bright Eyes really got to me for a few weeks. But I soon figured out that being a pilot was less about dance numbers with Shirley Temple and more about flying in the air, which is not appealing.

Age 7 - Mother and Teacher. I don't know why I needed to specify mother as well as teacher, but I did so pretty routinely.

Age 8 - Archaeologist. Did I actually know what an archaeologist did? Probably not. But I did know that grownups were impressed when a little kid told them they wanted to be an archaeologist.

Age 10 - Author. Around this time, I started really getting a lot of praise for my writing for the first time, and I was also devouring books as fast as I could get my hands on them.

Age 12 - Teacher. I guess this was my fallback? Eventually, I figured out that I hate teenagers and was too lazy to work with kids.

Age 14 - Editor. But I did like using a red pen to mark up papers!

Age 15 - Psychologist. Then I started reading a lot of psychology books for a while.

Age 17 - Museum curator. And then I read a lot of archaeology books and rediscovered my love for this stuff. Just in time to toss away my plans of majoring in English and going for archaeology instead.

Age 22 - Editor. Flash forward to my senior year of college, and it dawned on me that maybe I'd been right earlier on. Despite my lack of English degree, this one has actually come true.

Age 27 - Lotto winner/star of Half Ton Millionaire on TLC. And now as a mature adult, I've settled into my true life goals.


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