May. 21st, 2011

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Today I read a YA book where three or four really tragic, traumatic things happen to the heroine. It was well written and all, but I think authors really need to be careful that their angst doesn't cross the line into ludicrous.

I mean, in this book, any one of the traumas was more than enough to carry the plot of a whole book. Instead, they were all shoved in there together, to the point that at least one of the plots was left with a million dangling loose ends; I kind of wonder if this means that the author's planning a sequel. In any case, I won't be reading it, because I'm not interested in finding out how many more horrible things will happen to this twelve-year-old. The result is overwhelming, and while the book is supposed to be about the triumph of hope or something, I don't really see it. If I were this kid, I'd have thrown myself off a cliff by the end.

I've read before that writers torture the characters they love most, and I've certainly been guilty of the "and here's one more overwrought melodramatic thing in the backstory" too. But when it comes to writing, I also think that it's sometimes a good idea to consider Chanel's fashion advice -- "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on."


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