May. 28th, 2011

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My incredibly vast list of goals for the long weekend:

* Read six books
* Write two stories for work (one done, one to go)
* Write my next Dimestore post
* Paint my nails
* Watch the Netflix disc I've had for like a month (two-thirds done)
* Laundry
* Shower at some point fiiiiiine, done

So far, I've mostly been lounging. Maybe I'll call this "pre-working." In any case, I just discovered that all three seasons of Hoarders are streaming on Netflix, so there goes my weekend.
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Okay, let's do this now! Stolen from one of several posts on my flist:

Analogous to library-fine-amnesty day or tax-amnesty day, this is the Things You Should Probably Know About Me But Forgot amnesty meme. Or alternatively, Things You Should Probably Know About Me But Never Knew. If there are things you'd feel embarrassed asking me to my face the next time you see me, or issues you've been careful not to raise because you didn't know my position on them or relationship to them, because it seems like something everyone else knows by now, just ask about it as a comment to this thread, and I'll answer it. Since it's the amnesty thread there will be zero guilt or embarrassment involved, even if it's something I might normally give you a hard time about not knowing.

In addition, if it is actually a Thing You Really Shouldn't Know About Me, I will not give you a hard time about thinking you should. I'll keep this thread unlocked unless conversations necessitate some kind of security settings.


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