Oct. 26th, 2011

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I don't do recs as often as I should, but here's one for you: Johnny/Peter and their sex luggage from [livejournal.com profile] traincat. She really captures everything I want and love about the couple--their friendship and chemistry and ease together. Peter/Mary Jane is my Spidey OTP in the mainstream Marvel Universe, but Peter/Johnny is the only thing I ship in Ultimate.

Speaking of which. Er. I feel like a jerk for saying it, but I have serious mixed feelings about Miles Morales. It actually has nothing to do with Miles himself; I think it's awesome to have a person of color in such a major role, and to reexamine the concept of Spider-Man from a new POV. But I love Ultimate Peter so much that the concept of him dying is irrationally upsetting to me. Like, I know there's a very good chance he'll come back at some point. I'm not new to this. I feel incredibly stupid to be feeling like, "WHY YOU KILL MY PETER HE'S A BABY." But that's where I am. And I know this is how some people felt about Ted dying and Jaime becoming Blue Beetle, and they got over it, and so will I.

I know a part of it is me feeling betrayed by Ultimate Marvel. I was really against Ultimate when it was launched (long story, but I thought Quesada was hypocritical in championing it), but I came to love it and embrace it. But slowly, surely, it betrayed me by basically killing off scores of characters, writing them OOC for the sake of DRAMAZ, and just being gross. I mentioned in Dimestore once that shortly after Wasp was killed in 616, she was killed in Ultimate and was shown being eaten by the Blob in a full-page spread. This shit isn't the Marvel I love. It turns my stomach that there are so few comics I can wholeheartedly recommend to minors these days. (And I had recommended Ultimate Spider-Man to young teens, several times.)

Anyway. Enough whining, more drinking Pumpkin Spice Silk.

ETA: Apparently the post to the Johnny/Peter drabble is locked. Oops! I rec it anyway.

ETA: It's unlocked! You can read it now!


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