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Yuletide -- so nice, I did it thrice.

You are an awesome, awesome person, and I can't wait to read the story you're going to write me! You're wonderful for giving me this gift; I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. :D

Here are some things I like in general:

* Slash! Should be pretty obvious by most of my requests.
* Female canon love interests not being explained away by them being crazy/evil/harpies/etc. That's just not cool.
* Happy endings. (Um, I don't mean the sexy kind, but hey, that's cool too.) I can't deal with the sads. Not during the holidays, at least!
* Lack of cheating. Whether Character A is cheating on Character B or with Character B, this is one of my biggest squicks. Please no.

Request #1 - Baby-Sitters Club

A. Byron/Jeff -- I can't not ask for my BSC OTP. Obviously, I prefer they be in their mid teens or older, especially for higher ratings. (The higher the better, by the way.) There aren't a ton of college-age fics for them, so that would be cool, but any reasonable age is fine, as is mild angst. An AU would also be neat-o (especially an historical one).

B. Sam/Mary Anne -- I've really been getting into this pairing in my head, but I've been too lazy to write any. So I'm asking you to do it for me! I'd rather MA at least be of high school age, but college, adulthood, etc. would all be wonderful as well. Looking at how this would make Kristy's head explode would be extremely delicious to me. A PG+ rating would rock, but since it's het, I'm less grabby-hands about sex scenes for this one. That's just how I roll.

Request #2 - Captain America (2011)

I requested Steve/Bucky slash, but if you really, really, really can't find it in yourself to write this, focusing on their friendship would be okay too. I love nods to their contemporary pop culture and time period. If things could even start before Steve's transformation, whether in terms of tension, emotion, flirtation, or sexy times, that would be great; I have a thing for Conventional Hottie/Plain But Awesome. The higher the rating, the bigger my smile.

Request #3 - Marvel 1602

John Storm/Peter Parquagh slash. In Ultimate, Johnny/Peter is my OTP, but Peter is dead there right now and that makes me sad. So, 1602 instead! One of the things I love best about this pairing is their affectionate, familiar teasing and banter with each other, which I guess could be translated pretty easily into friends-on-an-adventure fic if you can't do slash. But if you can, um, awkward first times are amazing, especially in eras when access to sex instruction manuals didn't exist. Just saying! Anyway, higher ratings would make me twirl, as would rich world-building.

sorry, I stopped at the first line...

Date: 2011-11-17 10:08 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] derien.livejournal.com
and I can't read the story you're going to write


Date: 2011-11-19 04:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] traincat.livejournal.com
Your 1602 request is amazing. Why isn't there fic of that already. (Also, Yuletide! So excited.)


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