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THE VERDICT IS IN. I'm thrilled to know that the majority of people joined me on Team Blue. For those of you who had no idea what any of this means, there's a recurring joke in the movie where Flora (red fairy) and Merryweather (blue fairy) keep fighting over whether Aurora's birthday dress should be pink or blue. Here's the ending scene:

As a small child, I always got irrationally furious because, to me, blue was CLEARLY the better choice. To this day, I have a lingering resentment toward Flora because of this all-important issue. It was probably because I liked blue better than pink, but I remember feeling incredibly vindicated when I read Little House in the Big Woods and Ma Ingalls preferred her blonde girl in blue too.

I assume Aurora wears the pink version of her dress on merchandise because a) little girls often like pink, and the only other Disney Princess who wears it on a regular basis is Ariel (and Ariel shouldn't be wearing pink ever); and b) Cinderella's gown is often blue. Of course, Jasmine's main outfit is blue as well, but she's not always included as part of the main princess crew for reasons that are surely not at all racist. (In my head canon, she's too busy jumping Aladdin's bones to hang out at every single lunch party.)

But anyway, I do actually Aurora's her corset/peasant number a lot too. In terms of design, Aurora's actually one of my favorite princesses. In terms of everything, picking favorites becomes way, way harder.
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