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I write these stupid words, and I love every one.

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Name:Could that someone be Mack the Knife?
Birthdate:Feb 28
Location:New York, United States of America
I'm a semi-recent college graduate, originally from Southern California, who's recently moved to OhioNorth CarolinaNew York wherever to start a new life, make it on my own, and other tired cliches. But you probably don't care about that - yes, I write fanfiction, for a variety of fandoms, and most of it is slash. Woo.

Occasionally, I come up with a grain of insight, but mostly I loll around and try not to look stupid. I may not be a genius, but I'm eccentric and weird, and that can be rather entertaining. At least, I hope so.

On friending: if you friend me, please drop me a comment to at least let me know why you're doing so. It's kind of unlikely I'll friend anyone back who doesn't comment, simply because I don't know you at all, but if you're just here to keep an eye out on fic, hey, be my guest.

I'll be frank and say that at this point I can't friend everyone back - my flist is starting to get unmanageable - but I do check in on everyone from time to time.

Thank you to [info]poisonivory for use of the Connor Hawke mood theme.
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