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I keep forgetting to repost the greatest comic strip ever published:

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There is nothing I don't adore about it.

Speaking of Namor, I hope they never try to make a Sub-Mariner movie, because the only man I could possibly accept in the role is long dead.

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May. 19th, 2011 08:52 pm
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Mom Month is still a-go at Dimestore Dames! So how could I neglect a post about that saint of mothers, Mystique?

Note: I was at an event hosted by Rebecca Romijn this week, and it crossed my mind that maybe I could ask her her thoughts on Mystque's role as a mother. But a) this would have been wildly unprofessional of me in regards to my actual job; b) she wouldn't have been prepared to field a question about a role she hasn't played in several years, so it wouldn't have been fair; c) Mystique isn't even really a mom in the movies. But still, oh the scoop it would have been.
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Random poll time!

If you could punch one celebrity in the face, who would it be? Note: it has to be someone famous in the entertainment field; saying you'd punch Hitler makes your answer way more noble than the question warrants.

I wish I could say my choice springs to mind immediately, but I really need to narrow down a list.

Deep psychological issues, I has them.


Apr. 24th, 2011 10:59 am
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Me: I'm going to see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying tonight.

Mom: Oh? Who's in it?

Me: Well, Daniel Radcliffe's starring.

Mom: *silence*

Me: The guy who plays Harry Potter?

Mom: *silence*

Me: And also John Larroquette.

Mom: Ooooooooh, John Larroquette!

She is so old. But anyway, I saw it last night, and it was pretty awesome!

Daniel Radcliffe doesn't really have a Broadway-ready voice, but it was a nice one, and while he might need to work on his stage presence (a lot of film/TV actors don't instantly transition to the exaggerated movements and expressions needed on stage), he had a lot of really funny moments. I actually think dancing is his strong suit, probably because he seems like a ball of jumpy energy when he's merely at rest.

All the other actors were really good, including Larroquette, but the guy playing Bud Frump totally stole the show. Also, he was wearing horn-rimmed glasses, which is something I typically find pretty irresistible. In any case, highly recommended if you get a chance to see it!
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If I had my way, I'd never see another headline that says "Charlie Sheen" again. It isn't funny. It isn't cool.

At one end of the spectrum, we have a misogynist with an alarming history of violence toward women who's also made some anti-Semitic comments. Adding to his millions is just enraging.

At the other end, we have someone with a disease that's clearly way out of his control right now. Encouraging him is just cruel.

In any case, this whole thing is awful.

cast me

Mar. 6th, 2011 01:05 pm
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory:

Discounting age, nationality, and physical appearance, who would you choose to play me in the movie of my life?
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The other day, [livejournal.com profile] queenitsy posted photos of a bunch of guys she finds hot, which I thought was an excellent thing that I should copy. But how to put a [livejournal.com profile] mizzmarvel-y spin on the post? It was not long before I had the solution.

What follows: men I find insanely hot, with their babies. Because nothing makes me swoon faster than a hot dude holding a baby.

image heavy, so beware if you have a slow connection or a ticking biological clock )
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UGGGGGGHH. Apparently some baby names website did a poll of best and worst celebrity baby names of 2010.

These things always piss me off because without fail, some of the top "bad" names are there because they're non-Anglo. Will Ferrell's son is named Axel, which is a pretty common name in Sweden -- where Ferrell's wife is from. And of course, Krishna Thea is a completely butt-ugly name for India-born Padma Lakshmi to give her daughter. Wtf? That name is totally gorgeous.

And of course, the celebrity baby name I dislike the most hit the "best" list -- Aviana Olea. Amy Adams was raised in the LDS church, and when I heard this name I immediately thought of the old, outdated stereotype that Mormons give their kids weird, made-up-sounding names*.

* Though this stereotype really confused me when I was younger, because my LDS grandmother named her sons Steve, Mark, and John, and she and all her siblings had names that were fairly common to the time period in which they were born. The Baptist relatives on my mom's side had much stranger names, like Whilma Pearl, Pansy, and Clarence Commodore.
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Nick Kroll was filming his Comedy Central special in Brooklyn tonight, and I went. I'd never been to the area before, so I ended up getting there super-early, which turned out to be awesome because seating was first-come, first served. I was actually third row center.

It was kind of awkward going by myself, but somehow I teamed up with this dude whom I'm pretty sure showed up because he'd seen Nick in I Love You Man. Like, he hadn't seen any of his standup or his TV show or anything. After the performance, he blithely said, "I liked Fabrizio!" (The character is named Fabrice. It's said like a hundred times. Oh, and earlier, when I mentioned Kristen Schaal, he said, "Oh, he's really making a name for himself." Wtf guy.)

But anyway, Nick performed as himself, Bobby Bottleservice, and Fabrice Fabrice, and it was so hilarious that I was actually crying laughing at one point. And it's late, so I have no idea how to segue into this, but he interacted with me during the routine? Like, he asked me questions and commented on the answers and used it to segue into probably the most hilarious part of the set.

Because it is me, we talked about my cat. Obviously.

Then later, as Fabrice, he answered some of my submissions when he was improvising with audience questions. But that was all on paper, without my face attached, so I'm not equal parts thrilled and mortified.
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Awful news to wake up to:

1. Greg Giraldo died

2. Tony Curtis died

3. Torrential rain today

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Rich Cronin from LFO has died. He was only 35.

"Summer Girls" was all over MTV at the height of my TRL obsession. I'd run home every day after school in ninth grade and manage to catch it just in time. I knew every freaking word of that awfully charming song. In fact, when I think of that time period, it's one of the songs that immediately pops into my head (along with "Drive Myself Crazy" and "I Want It That Way").

But there were a lot of songs that came and went on TRL. I don't remember most of them, and there's no reason I should have remembered this one more than any other. Except this: one time, I had a dream that Rich was my boyfriend. We had been separated during his tour for a while, and when we saw each other we leapt into each other's arms romantically, then hung out on the tour bus and just spent time together because we were totes in love. Then he took me to a show and sang "West Side Story" (some song of theirs that was on the radio at the time), only instead of the name Maria he sang Mackenzie, and everyone else was super-jealous.

Seriously, my entire concept of what a good boyfriend should be is based on this dream version of Rich Cronin. I'm so sad he's gone.
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I was having a pretty crappy day today. I was busy as hell, I was all nervous about something, and I knew I was going to have to stay late because of a project I need to finish ASAP. It was so bad that, even though I brought my lunch from home and I didn't really have a lot of time to wander, I decided to go to Starbucks just so I could get out of the office for ten minutes.

Apparently, God was feeling sorry for me, because He sent His most beautiful angel to greet me as I walked out the door. In other words, when I stepped onto the street, Matthew Bomer was in the crosswalk and heading toward me.

He was wearing all gray, was as hot as he looks on TV and in photos, and had thoughtfully put on sunglasses to avoid lasering me to death with his neon blue eyes. I came to a jerky, falter-y stop and stared stupidly, and then he was gone. Then, without moving, I immediately pulled out my phone and texted [livejournal.com profile] entwashian, whom I feel should know about such things. When I turned to finally head toward Starbucks, I realized that my building's doorman had witnessed the whole thing and was giving me the side-eye like crazy.

What! I couldn't help it! BRYCE LARKIN LIVES...and my God, he is total man beauty.
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So, after entering for virtual tickets every day for two months, I finally got to go to Shakespeare in the Park last night! My hard work of pressing a button really paid off.

It was The Winter's Tale that night, and while that's one of Shakespeare's most crappy plays (one part crazy wtf?, one part psychological melodrama, one part lighthearted pastoral romp, one part bear), it was an awesome performance. I got to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson's shapely calfs and Hamish Linklater's shapely butt! All I needed was Max Wright's (aka the dad from ALF) shapely abs, and I would have been in heaven!

Without nude body parts, but still awesome, were Jesse L. Martin and Marianne Jean-Baptise and the rest of the cast. And also the whoopie pie Jess and I shared during intermission.
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I just woke up from a dream where Adam Baldwin was my boyfriend.

Well, it was more like he was playing the role of my boyfriend in an insane action-adventure plot that involved dodging assassins, a small plane crash into a fancy hotel pool, and discussion of Pete from A Goofy Movie.

But still! Adam Baldwin as my hot, ass-kicking boyfriend!

I'll avoid the most obvious Firefly reference.
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Today I was heading to an appointment when I saw a little kid walking towards me, happily talking on a cell phone.My first thought was, Hey, that's Kate Hudson's kid.

And let me tell you, he was not actually with Kate Hudson, or Chris Robinson, or anyone else who might have been more reasonable to instantly recognize. As much as it shames me, I knew this child on sight.

And I sort of smiled, as I often do when I see a cute kid, and a woman I assume was his nanny gave me the old stink eye. Which at first offended me, because hey, I gave no indication that I knew he was the child of celebrities and I'm not going to stop and ask this six-year-old for his autograph, but then I realized that some people probably do.

But anyway. I took a page out of the old BSC Mystery Notebook and looked up a few recent photos to make sure I hadn't just seen a lookalike, and a month ago he was wearing the exact same shirt as today, thus confirming my shameful ability to spot a celebrity's kid from twenty feet away.

I noticed because it was an awesome shirt. I wonder if they have one in my size.
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I've read about Imitation of Life, but somehow I missed the memo that it'd also been remade 25 years later. It's kind of interesting how the plot changed over a quarter of a century.

1934 -- Two widowed mothers, Bea (who is white) and Delilah (who is black), combine their super-powers (delicious maple syrup and an awesome pancake recipe) to start a really successful business. This plot alone would have raised some eyebrows, but as the years go by, Delilah's daughter, who is light-skinned, decides to pass as white and basically disowns her mom, which breaks her mom's heart. Delilah dies, but not before planning and paying for her own lavish funeral. Meanwhile, Bea's daughter falls for her mom's fiancee; the engagement ends up broken off.

1959 -- Lora is a foxy Broadway hopeful and Annie is Lora's daughter's nanny. Already, this is a lot less interesting. Anyway, Lora makes it big, but sacrifices her relationship with her daughter, who again falls for the fiancee. This time, the engagement stays. Meanwhile, Annie's daughter also decides to pass, gets beaten up by Troy Donahue and again breaks her mom's heart; this time, I would assume Lora pays for the awesome funeral.

So, a really thought-provoking storyline is reworked to make the white woman more glamorous and the black woman less important to anyone's success. But what I find most interesting is that in 1934, the daughter who decides to pass as white was actually played by a light-skinned African-American woman, whereas in 1959, she was played by an actress of Mexican-Jewish heritage. Not quite the same thing!

Tangentially related, but my brain always confuses Phil Donahue with Troy Donahue, and Troy Donahue with Tab Hunter. This leads to an interesting sequence. "I can't believe Phil Donahue was in Damn Yankees. But wait, he's gay? No, he's married to Rachel's mom from Friends! Wait, why do I know that?"
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It's never good news from my family in Arizona, so I can't imagine why I'm ever surprised. The latest: my grandparents are losing their house. They just can't hack it on social security alone. Grandma seems genuinely optimistic about moving on to a new phase in her life, but I also remember how proud she was to finally own a home of her own for the first time in her life.



The Pride

Mar. 20th, 2010 01:01 am
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About a month ago, I stumbled upon the fact a play I wanted to see had $20 tickets for people under 30. I almost fell over on myself running to the computer to buy one, and tonight was the night!

It was The Pride, which was playing over on Christopher Street, and it stars Ben Whishaw, Hugh Dancy, Andrea Riseborough and Adam James. Here is an embarrassing fact: I pretty much wanted to see this because Ben Whishaw's in it. Why is this embarrassing? It's because I use him as my PB when I roleplay Aqualad. Hence this icon choice.

*hangs head for a brief moment*

But Jesus Christ, this play is good. I was spellbound. I have never in my life seen a play where the acting is so good. I wasn't familiar with the other two actors, and Hugh Dancy I could take or leave before, but now I think I need to see all of their movies. Does this include Confessions of a Shopaholic? It might! He was THAT good. They all were.

Basically, there are two storylines, one in the 1960s, one in 2008, which deal with themes of identity, especially in terms of being gay. So each actor was playing at least two roles (Adam actually played three smaller ones, I think), and it was stunning to see them flow from one to the other, completely different in tone and mannerisms, in a moment. And the play itself was also very good, well written, with a lot of food for thought. I almost want to see it again, but it ends next week, so I doubt I'd be able to.

After the bows, Hugh did a little speech about Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and how "we'll be in the back with buckets, collecting." At Billy Elliot and Hair, which granted had much larger casts and lower profile actors, they actually did the collecting, in costume. And I almost had a heart attack, because omg, did this mean I could potentially be putting my quarters in the very bucket held by Ben Whishaw? But alas, it did not. We = ushers. But I did buy a signed program. It's a good charity, and now I know that Ben has like one of the most obviously practiced signatures I've ever seen. This makes him even more awesome to me.

names again

Mar. 6th, 2010 10:02 pm
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Jenna Elfman had a baby this week, which is notable because she's appeared to be full term for the last four months or so.

Anyway, the name. Easton Elfman. Each is fine on its own, but God, did they even say the full name aloud before choosing it? It sounds awful. And it's not even like the middle names help the cadence -- Easton Quinn Munroe Elfman. Nicely done, kids.

There was an episode of Dinosaurs in which it turns out that the dinosaur culture's high elder chooses every child's name. This leads to him deciding the baby should be named Baby, which infuriated me even as a child, but I have always felt there should be an equivalent sort of job, and that I should have it. I am clearly the most qualified person in the world.

Anyway, it worked out for Baby in the end; he didn't have to live out a long life as Baby Sinclair because all the dinosaurs in the world died in the final episode. Yes, seriously. Awesome kids' show!


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