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It was significantly less crowded today, which was an immense relief. Apparently, yesterday there were 125,000 people inside the convention center, and 15,000-20,000 people who were still waiting to get in were turned away.

And even still, I basically did next to nothing comic book-y. I just really wasn't into getting sketches this year, and most of the stuff I want signed has been signed. I talked to most of those I wanted to talk to, though, and those I missed were only the most impossible to get to, so I don't think it was a disappointment or anything.

Oh, but today I did get the most important signature for Superman/Batman #26 - Jeph Loeb. He saw the other three signatures, smiled, and told me I was on my way.

The majority of the day was spent watching panels - the director and two of the actresses of Grudge 2 were surprisingly entertaining, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant signed crotches and wrestled to promote Balls of Fury, and Shaun of the Dead alums Nick Frost and Edgar Wright (who'll also be directing the Ant-Man film!) were charming and witty while introducing Hot Fuzz.

Then I hung out with [livejournal.com profile] jbmcdragon for a while, and...well, after that, not much. I mean, we left. And that was enough, really. Um. Oh yeah, and I bought an Iceman shirt.

Oh, Comic-Con! By next year, I'll have forgotten all the disappointment and will be ready to pay to go to you again!
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Saturday is THE day at Con, and out of all the years I've been attending (not too many, but still), this was the most ridiculously crowded one yet. Yeesh. Pretty much the only comic book-y thing I did was go see Peter David and have him sign a few issues of the new X-Factor.

After that, I holed up in Hall H for a while, where most of the big programming takes place. I sat through Frank Miller, Gerard Butler, and David Wenham talk about 300 (it looks kind of really stupid), and then Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Rose McGowen, Rosario Dawson, and several other actresses talk about their new project, Grindhouse. Essentially, this is going to be two full-length ultra-cheesy movies, shown back-to-back for the price of one. They showed a teaser of Rodriguez's bit and it actually looks really hilarious and awesome.

Next was supposed to be Kevin Smith, but he got caught in traffic and Rosario Dawson had to come out and sing to placate the restless crowd. By this point, [livejournal.com profile] the_evident and I got fed up and went back to the main exhibit hall, but it was so congested in there that I could barely move. And that does actually say a lot because - and I can't be humble here - I am awesome at getting through a crowd. My months of working at theme parks really did pay off. So if I can't move with relative ease, something is terribly wrong. So I stopped to see [livejournal.com profile] kustaroo and we high-tailed it.

Later, [livejournal.com profile] jbmcdragon told me that the fire marshals actually showed up and forbade them to allow more people in. Frankly, whenever they did that, it was already too late. And yet, I am still going back tomorrow. I'm a lost cause.

Then I got home to discover that Orange County is a sauna, with 100+ F temperatures in the early evening, and also that my Jessi/Mallory fic, Understatement, had been nominated for the Dangerous Type awards. Total surprise, but a pleasant one.
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Fridays and Saturdays are always the most crowded at Comic Con, but today was extra horrible. I was around for a few hours longer than yesterday, and have way less to show for it. I mean, even Artist's Alley was a zoo, and usually at least you can move freely there. Tomorrow's going to be ridiculous. Anyway, highlights:

Went to the Bryan Singer panel. He was witty, intelligent, thoughtful, and very very gay. Richard Donner, the director of the first Superman movie, joined him on the panel, and all in all it was pretty awesome to hear them discussing the films.

Three cast members of Reno 911 showed up to promote the upcoming movie, in character - Dangle, Trudi, and Mr. Name I Can't Remember. High-larious.

Met Dan Pirraro, who does the Bizarro comic strip, and he drew me a one of his signature bizarre (see, that's where the name comes from) scenes.

Chatted with Gail Simone about her upcoming Gen 13 and read some black and white advance pages of it. It really does look awesome, and those few opening pages give me some of what I've craved from Gen 13 for ten years. She also said, with no prodding from me, that Burnout's going to get as much face time as everyone else, which makes me *GLEE!*

Picked up two pages my dad commissioned from Rodney Ramos, a really nice Nick Fury and Nightwing.

Three of the many creators who put a hand into Superman/Batman #26 have signed my copy - Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Brian K. Vaughn.

Walked past comedian Lewis Black and almost rubbed shoulders with him.

Got a lovely Captain Marvel sketch from Christopher Jones (The Batman Strikes - I think).

Bothered Ryan Sook some more. He really is incredibly nice. If he doesn't get to doing my commission, I may very well spend far too much money and buy a page of his original X-Factor art.
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So we got down to San Diego and got settled with very few problems (thank God for pre-registration). Actually, it was a pretty mellow day altogether, for Con. And frankly, a little bit boring.

Don't get me wrong - thousands of people, costumes, free stuff. It's always going to be great. But generally speaking, the same people come every year, and the thrill of meeting that special artist or writer will never be as great as the first time. But it's still always worth going, because every year there's someone there who I didn't know of or care about the year before. Here are some highlights:

Ken Knudtsen (My Monkey's Name is Jennifer, the Wolverine story in I ♥ Marvel) remembered me. Okay, well, first he thought I was from Canada, but next he called me MizzMarvel. And then he drew me a wee Wolverine.

Met Ryan Sook (X-Factor) and he was totally nice and signed all my stuff, and hopefully if his mega-long commissions list allows, I'll buy a sketch from him.

[livejournal.com profile] goraina signed my BSC graphic novel (and remembered me from last year - I'm such a sucker for that) and sketched me Jeff Schafer! (!!!)

Chatted with Greg Weisman (creator of Gargoyles) and David Hedgecock (artist for the comic), which fulfilled my fannish dreams as a thirteen-year-old. Got sketches of Hudson (David) and Xanatos (Greg).

Every Superboy comic he ever had a hand in writing is now signed by Joe Kelly. He's always way cool.

Jeff Parker drew me an old school, Golden Age Venus, and then Paul Jenkins (writer of recent Civil War stuff, Generation M, Son of M) and who is wonderful drew me his version of the Fantastic Four ("World's Shittiest Comic!") as Joe Casey watched and took pictures.

Howard Porter (penciler for Trials of Shazam) drew me Billy Batson. Am currently trying to figure out how to make out with it. Then Judd Winick (who's writing Trials) also drew me a wee Billy Batson.

And OMG [livejournal.com profile] vagabond_sal! I told Judd and Howard about our Clark-and-Billy thing (not in so many words - I basically said I loved First Thunder and thought Clark should probably blah blah blah) and Judd was all, "*eyebrow raise* Maybe he will," and then Howard went, "Write that down." And okay yeah they were just teasing me BUT OH MY LITTLE HEART.

Then I came home because I was tired and in pain, though generally pleased, and discovered that my computer is broken. No, really. I was crying pretty hysterically for a while. Luckily, we have a second computer, so I can Internet, but everything is on mine. Art, writing, music. I need this to be fixed. Okay, every time I allow myself to freak out over my computer, it gets fixed. Despite a serious operating error, it's now working again.
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Here I take a break from the sketches (I'm almost done with those anyway, don't worry), to post something really pointless.

On the first day at Comic Con, eagle-eye [livejournal.com profile] the_evident spotted one of my - and her - favorite actors, Thomas Lennon, walking around. We chased after him, and I got all weird and overwhelmed and going on about how he's Mr. Laupin (a character from an old Comedy Central show I adored), and blah. ([livejournal.com profile] the_evident was way cool and gave him props for Herbie: Fully Loaded, which I guess he was in - and helped write?! Wtf). Anyway, he was super nice and gave me an autograph.

Here is a picture of him from his current show, Reno 911! Even if you don't watch it, I've bet you've seen photos of him as Lt. Dangle )

The cast of Viva Variety, the Comedy Central show I mentioned. Left to right: Johnny Bluejeans (Michael Ian Black), Mr. Laupin (Thomas Lennon), the former Mrs. Laupin (Kerri Kenney, also on Reno 911) )

The autograph. It is good to have a homie like Thomas Lennon )

Well, it was exciting for me, all right?
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I really should've updated last night, because now I just don't feel like getting into any detail. I was just too tired, though.

I got a few sketches, none of which were extraordinary, though, of course, none were crap. I got a Captain Britain from Alan Davis, who was probably the most illustrious penciller I got anything from. Salvador Larroca was really rude. I asked him if he did sketches, and he said something to Quesada in Spanish (which I hate) before telling me no.

The best part of the day, undoubtedly, came with the movie panels. The first oen I saw in full was for Stealth, which looks stupid. The cast was there, but who the hell cares about them?

Next up was King Kong. The trailer was introduced by a video of the now svelte Peter Jackson. Then Naomi Watts, JACK BLACK, and ADRIEN BRODY came out for a Q&A. Dear Lord, Adrien is so sweet and adorable. And Jack randomly sang a little song he wrote about King Kong.

After Kong, there was a fucking TENACIOUS D concert. They were introduced by Kevin Smith, who proclaimed Jack and Kyle to be the possessors of two of the nine cocks he would suck (used to be ten, he said, but he already took care of Affleck). They played a lot of stuff from the upcoming D movie, plus "Fuck Her Gently," "Wonderboy," and "Tribute."

Then we all went home, the end.
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I know some of you want to see pictures, but until I get to my scanner, there'll be none. However, [livejournal.com profile] the_evident brought along her digital camera, and she kindly took this photo of me yesterday.

In this photo, you will see:

* Mackenzie (not from my best angle, I assure you)
* Mackenzie's magic hair part
* a brief glimpse at the huge crowds around me
* a guy dressed up as Robin III (Tim Drake) with studly man-bulge
* my Jerry Robinson Robin I (Dick Grayson) sketch

Large Photo )
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Today was not so hectic, and thus, I do not feel like dying so much. [livejournal.com profile] the_evident got to see Coheed and Cambria and the voice actors of Meatwad and Master Shake from Aquateen Hungerforce, so woo. As for myself, to be brief:

1. I got a neat sketch of Mooch and Earl from the Mutts comic strip by Patrick McDonnell.

2. Sketch of Speedball by Scott Kollins (sp?), of the current New Warriors book. Note that I actually read this and was all excited to talk to both artist and writer, but guess who came up and monopolized all of their attention right when it was my turn. Yeah, evil incarnate JOE QUESADA. FUUUUCK.

3. I now own a sketch of Robin by Jerry Robinson. I can't really explain the total awe I have of this man, who pretty much was the main artist of Batman right from the beginning, as Bob Kane's 'assistant.' With Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson is the real creator of Robin and the Joker, though his name's on squat. And in the '70s, Jerry Robinson was the man who helped Siegel and Shuster fight DC for a pension and credit in creating Superman, and win.

He drew me Robin, and only charged me half of what he usually charges. I'm going to get this one framed.

Lastly, I talked to PAD again. He told me that, come November, we are to expect a new X-FACTOR comic, written by him; the only three characters Marvel is disclosing are Wolfsbane, Strong Guy, and Jamie Madrox. HELL YEAH.

Oh, and really lastly, today, when Ken Knudtsen offered me a shot of vodka, I took it. God, that stuff burned in my stomach forever.
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The first thing that happened, upon getting all registered for the Con, was that [livejournal.com profile] the_evident spotted Billy from Good Charlotte, which is pretty cool, if you like Good Charlotte. Anyway, to be brief, I bring you, the contents of my sketchbook:

The awesome art I now own- some pretty good ones in this round )

I also got comics signed by the ever-aloof and rude Ale Garza (but I still love his style), the amazingly nice Todd Nauck, and Peter David.

I was a little disappointed by PAD last year, because he was a little distracted and curt, but this year it couldn't have been more different. He was incredibly gracious and signed the five comics I asked him to sign (Aquaman #1, Young Justice #1, Madrox #1-3), and we had a nice chat. He told me that tomorrow there'll be an official announcement about Madrox at the House of M panel, which I probably won't make. Ah well.
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You know, really, I planned on only attending Con for three days. Really. I don't know what happened.

Well, okay, today we only went because on Friday Logan Lubera couldn't finish up his sketch line, so he had us write down our names and character we wanted so he could do them later. But on Saturday he still wasn't done, so that's why we showed up today, essentially. And it was worth it - Dad has an awesome Nick Fury, and because he was bored, I somehow ended up with two neat J. Jonah Jamesons. Which makes me now wish I'd taken the time to choose a cooler and sexier character, but eh, I likes 'em.

[livejournal.com profile] magikfanfic, forget the thing about getting you a shirt instead. I have your Magik, and I need your address. Email - mizzmarvell at yahoo dot com.

The last sketch I got in my book (other than Magik, who'll be torn out) was a $7 Nightwing by Toby Cypress. It's fucking unreal. It's painted, all black and dark-like, Nightwing partially hidden by shadows, and good Lord, he even has a sneer! I need that scanner bad, guys.

So Comic-Con is over for the year. I'll miss it. But tomorrow I get to sleep in past eight, which will be a nice way of getting over my grief.
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We were stuck in traffic for like a million miles today, and thus were sort of grumpy getting there. Then the Marvel booth was crowded, and they made the artist I was in line to get a sketch from go away right before I was up, and we got a little lost in the convention center. Ugh.

We managed to find our way into Hall H, though, which is were all the celebrity stuff occurred. First we saw a preview of Team America World Police, a marionette (read: puppet) movie from the creators of South Park, who were there to talk about it. It sounds lame, but what we saw was hilarious.

Right after was the Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow panel, including Giovanni Ribisi and Jude Law! No, Heather, he was not naked and I didn't see a bearskin rug, but DAMN, did he look good. Someone asked him to do the Gigilo Joe walk, and he refused. Um. Did I mention he's the prettiest man I ever saw?

As for comic book stuff - we didn't do much. [livejournal.com profile] ammo, I met PAD! (Peter David, comic book writer god and creator of Space Cases.) I was all, "Um, I love you, and everything you've ever done, and probably ever will do," and he was like, "Yeah, sure...go buy Fallen Angel." I was disappointed. He just seemed like he got gushing praise all the time, I guess. Also, he has a nasaly voice. I got an autograph, though.

The only sketch I got was yet another by Todd Nauck, one of Impulse. Man, I'd stand there all day and have him draw head sketches if I had enough money. Or, at least buy some ultra-affordable Young Justice original pages. Guhh, they're nice.

Last thing - um. I think I saw Dom. Dominic Monaghan. I missed his talk on Lost, but I think I saw him still, outside, driving past him. I need to find out what he was wearing today to be sure. Then I can freak out.
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Today we took the Amtrak to San Diego. Despite the cost, it was well worth not having to bother with parking and driving ourselves.

Okay, first of all, here's a short list of actual, not-comics-related celebrities spotted:

Not comics! )

Today there was more of being at the right place at the right time sort of luck. For example, we stopped at the Marvel booth first (the place to be - it's rarely crowded, unlike the DC madhouse) and got sketches. Mine was finished quickly, so I skipped off by myself to leave my sketchbook with the Woodses, passing the Wizard booth as I did so. Someone was just finishing up a signing, with absolutely no line.


I am very quite happy I decided to go ahead and bring my Teen Titans #1; he signed it and was very nice. He told me that yes, Tim is coming back, which we knew already, but I wanted it from the horse's mouth. Awesomeness.

More highlights )

I also got [livejournal.com profile] suyari a birthday present. :) She turned twenty-one today. But it's a surprise.

Lastly - my commissioned sketches by Pete and Rebecca Woods. First off, they were both really nice, especially Rebecca, who asked me my opinions about the one issue of Robin (#101) she'd drawn and seemed terribly concerned whether I liked her sketch or not. Second, it took about four hours and $50 for them to be done, but God, was it worth it.

The other sketches are great, don't get me wrong. But these two pieces...they're art. I mean, I want to frame these, they're so good. Even though I expected good work from both (Pete espeically, since he was the regular Robin penciller for a while), I am still blown away by their work. I really can't believe I own these.

Who of my Orange County buddies wants to loan me use of his/her scanner? Pleeeeeeease?
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Here are some people I saw today, whom I had no contact with - Rags Morales (Identity Crisis), Jim Lee, Jim McLaughlin (former editor dude at Wizard Magazine), Leinlu (sp?) Yu. All but the second Jim were located at the DC booth, which sucks ass like a mother. Oh, and I saw Phil Jiminez, which upset me a bit, because he was possibly the only penciller whom I could ask to please give me a sketch of Superman and Batman making out. Though I would fall through a hole into the Earth before ever, ever doing so.

Basically, today I wandered around and got a lot of sketches and autographs. Some I paid for, some I did not. Here's my loot:

Heavy on the DC stuff )

I'm also on a waiting list to get sketches from Peter and Rebecca Woods, who both did Robin at some point. Also, I need that Impulse from Todd Nauck. Then my sketchbook gets closed; I'm done.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] borednclueless, I got a present for you.
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Shortly, I will leave for Day 2 of Con, which I will embark on all by myself. Dad has stuff to do in LA for a few hours, so Mom's driving me down there (for which she gains many cool points).

I'm a bit nervous going for several hours on my own, just because I tend to be a pushover where crowds are concerned, so for extra luck and strength I'm wearing my Superboy outfit - the red on black shirt he wears, jeans, and black shoes. Pretty much his exact costume. Well, I have doubts that he wears pink underwear, but hey, you never know.
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So, tonight was Preview Night at Comic-Con in San Diego. Due to the fact that we arrived shortly after six, and the thing officially began at five-thirty, Dad and I got into the Exhibition Hall exactly ten minutes before the whole thing closed. This was officially the longest line I've ever been in - it wrapped around the Convention Center. But at least I got to ride in a rickshaw to and from the parking spot. Whee!

In the Exhibition Hall, I think I might have seen Geoff Johns, but they closed the line off right when I stepped up. So we wandered around a bit and stood in line for a Neal Adams sketch, but he was being too detailed and taking a while (good for those ahead of us). At that point, I spied a booth for Slave Labor, including art for one of my favorite comics, My Monkey's Name is Jennifer.

I missed MMNJ's creator, Ken Knudtsen, last year, so I ran over all excited-like. He actually kinda remembered me from an email I wrote him about two years ago (well, after I picked up the comic book in which he illustrated a response to said email) and was nice enough to sketch me a pic of Jennifer chugging down some vodka. I thanked him and started to walk away, but he said he wanted to give me something. So I wait.

And he pours me a shot of vodka.

Considering that I've never had vodka before and might have a vomitous response to it, and my dad was standing directly behind me, I tried to decline without feeling like a jerk, but did not succeed. I wish I was a big lush and could have chugged one down with Ken.

Then I made Dad take a picture of me in front of the big picture of Robin. The End. I'm going again tomorrow, despite my previous plans.


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