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THE VERDICT IS IN. I'm thrilled to know that the majority of people joined me on Team Blue. For those of you who had no idea what any of this means, there's a recurring joke in the movie where Flora (red fairy) and Merryweather (blue fairy) keep fighting over whether Aurora's birthday dress should be pink or blue. Here's the ending scene:

As a small child, I always got irrationally furious because, to me, blue was CLEARLY the better choice. To this day, I have a lingering resentment toward Flora because of this all-important issue. It was probably because I liked blue better than pink, but I remember feeling incredibly vindicated when I read Little House in the Big Woods and Ma Ingalls preferred her blonde girl in blue too.

I assume Aurora wears the pink version of her dress on merchandise because a) little girls often like pink, and the only other Disney Princess who wears it on a regular basis is Ariel (and Ariel shouldn't be wearing pink ever); and b) Cinderella's gown is often blue. Of course, Jasmine's main outfit is blue as well, but she's not always included as part of the main princess crew for reasons that are surely not at all racist. (In my head canon, she's too busy jumping Aladdin's bones to hang out at every single lunch party.)

But anyway, I do actually Aurora's her corset/peasant number a lot too. In terms of design, Aurora's actually one of my favorite princesses. In terms of everything, picking favorites becomes way, way harder.
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[Poll #1797345]

I had very strong, vocal opinions about this issue, even when I was a very small child. Everyone who chooses the wrong dress will be defriended immediately. Okay, maybe not.

Semi on topic, but you can tell that Beauty and the Beast is a fantasy because I've never known a natural brunette white girl who can pull yellow off like Belle can. Also the singing candlestick stuff.
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Title: Five Times Huey and Gosalyn Didn't Fall in Love (and One Time They Did)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mizzmarvel
Fandom: Disney Duckverse
Rating: G
Word Count: 600
Summary: It wasn't exactly love at first sight.
Author's Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory's birthday! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] second_batgirl for the beta!

12345? )
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I've posted about this on Twitter and Facebook already (the latter mostly because I have relatives on there), but it's not every day that you Google random family members and discover a video of your great-grandfather getting interviewed for the Disney Channel.

What makes it especially gut-wrenching is that this is exactly how I remember him from my very earliest childhood. I've seen older pictures of him, of course, but it's like, "Oh, here's some guy who became Grandpa eventually." To see him as I knew him, to hear his voice after he's been dead for 15 years -- it was kind of overwhelming. In a flash, I could smell his cigar scent and see the chunky gold nugget wedding ring on his hand and the dark, wood-paneled home he and Grandma shared.

Also -- I may have talked about this before -- one of my very earliest memories has to do with the monorails he mentions being in the works. I was sitting on his lap, wearing red overalls with multi-colored numbers printed all over it, and he was pointing at this number and that, saying, "There's going to be a monorail this color and this color and..."

And it's kind of weird to think that, man, there are people who are so into Disneyland history that they care about this guy who I best remember walking around in his underwear.
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I'm still getting a ton of charity solicitations, though they've thinned out a lot over the past few months. One of the organizations that's still trying really, really hard to get money out of me is Ducks Unlimited, which aims to preserve wetlands and, um, ducks, apparently.

Which, hey, I fully support. Except when I looked closely at one of the multiple address label sheets they sent me (*sigh*), I noticed some of the labels featured pictures of ducks, some of dogs...and some of dogs and ducks. Ducks that are sort of limp, and dangling from the dog's mouth.

Awesome. "Save the ducks...so we can have some ducks to kill! WOO! San Dimas High School football rules!"

And just a few days ago, my lack of donation did not deter Ducks Unlimited from sending me this beautiful piece of art:

It's called Duck Masters. No, really. )

Stunning, no? Evidently, ducks and water dogs are the totally the bffs of nature. The Lucy and Ethel of the wetlands, if you will. They love to just chillax together and not try to break each other's necks or quack and fly away in terror. Those dogs on my address labels, they weren't carting around the corpses of ducks; they were just giving their chums a friendly oral neck massage!

Either that, or this is the groomsman portrait from Max and Louie's wedding album.


Nov. 27th, 2010 11:31 pm
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The three biggest things I was worried about Tangled:

1. That it was 3D animation, which I generally don't like as much as 2D. Color me shocked when, at the end of the movie, I found myself saying, "I'm so glad this wasn't in 2D; it wouldn't have done justice to her hair."

2. That Mandy Moore was going to be a bad voice actress. Originally, Rapunzel was going to be voiced by Kristen Chenoweth, and as much as I like her, I didn't think this was a good option either -- as squeaky as her voice can be, it always has a mature touch to it, which isn't right for a teenage girl. And as it turns out, Mandy Moore was awesome. So was the whole voice cast. Why was I surprised? Even when Disney chooses non-voice actor voice actors, they always cast the perfect people for the roles.

3. That it was going to upset me by deviating too far from the fairy tale, which happens to be my favorite. And you know, it did deviate a whole lot, but I found I didn't really care too much, other than a couple things. SPOILER ALERT, Rapunzel doesn't get knocked up by the prince and have an out of wedlock pregnancy. This was probably a wise decision on Disney's part, even if it does remove the very reasons it was my favorite fairy tale.

A few complaints, and spoilers )

Also, I'd just like to say that it's very, very rare that a movie include a plucky, wonderful heroine, a hot, charming male lead, and a bad-ass villain, and a horse ends up being my favorite character. ILU MAXIMUS.
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Hey, I actually wrote something! Apparently, I'm still thinking about Clue. And ducks, naturally.

No one wants to be Col. Mustard, of course )
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[livejournal.com profile] poisonivory said she'd stop being friends with me if I didn't post this drabble, which represents her worst crossover nightmare:

When Drake came down for breakfast, there was a grown man in a Junior Woodchucks uniform at his kitchen table, demolishing a pancake tower that touched the ceiling.

“I’m Doofus!” he squawked, mouth full. “Are you Launchpad’s roommate? You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to find his new place! It’s okay if I stay for a couple weeks, right?”

Drake blinked, turned, and left the room. His brave pilot was cowering in the hallway.


“Hey, I moved from Duckburg to get away from him!” Launchpad stage-whispered.

“Oh, and Bubba’s on his way!” Doofus called from the kitchen.

yay comics

Jul. 21st, 2010 11:42 pm
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Here is the first surprising thing:

I am actually excited about a comic book right now. I've been in a weird in-between place, fannishly speaking, for a long time now...I still buy comics, but I'm not really reading them due to apathy. It's just of out of obligation and hope that I'll start loving them again. And look, it's happened.

The second surprising thing:

It's the Darkwing Duck comic.

Which, okay. Isn't as much of a surprise as it could be. But even as a kid, I gravitated to the more serious comics. I read a few humor-based comics, sure, but my heart was never there.

But this comic? Is the first in five years -- maybe more -- where my expectations were not only met, but totally exceeded. It's kind of amazing to get to see characters I love being written by someone who wants to be writing them, who gets this universe and isn't trying to change it, and drawn by someone who has enough talent and sense of humor to pull it off. And hey, it kind of makes me want to pull out all my unread comics from past X number of months and see that I've been missing.

I'm just happy to be excited for Wednesday again. It makes me remember what being 12 was like.
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I've been thinking about Disney movies today. Not really sure why, other than I was really stressed out most of the day, and Disney is good for making me not want to die in a ball of anxiousness. Random musings:

1. During childhood, my family seems to have really favored the ones starring animals. My older brother liked The Fox and the Hound best (how is this even possible), and my little brother insisted on watching The Jungle Book so often that I haven't had the urge to rewatch it in about 15 years. My childhood fave was Robin Hood.

One time, my grandma took us to Disneyland, but there was something wrong with the tickets, so she told us we were going to Robin Hood Land instead. Being four or so, I was even more ecstatic at the thought of hanging out with Robin, Maid Marion and Little John in the woods than stupid old Disneyland! Turns out Robin Hood Land was the name of the parking lot the car was in.

We went to Disneyland the next day. This is a perk of having grandparents who live within sight of Disneyland.

2. Cinderella is my least favorite of the princesses. I find her very boring, and I have an early memory of fantasizing that the prince chose the dark-haired stepsister instead. I do, however, remember having a huge fight with a friend over whether or not Cinderella has bangs. I happened to have bangs, and my friend did not.

...and now I'm exhausted and running out of steam. Interestingly, when I needed to take my mind off stuff, I bypassed the Disney DVDs and went for the second season of 3rd Rock from the Sun.
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So, remember Up? Saying parts of it was sad would be a bit of an understatement, huh?

I cried more during Toy Story 3. Like, I was crying almost continuously for like ten straight minutes. In fact, I was actually sobbing, which I don't think I've ever done during a movie.

It was really, really good.

And so was the short that preceded it. That was...stunning, actually. Maybe even my favorite short yet, and certainly the more creative. It had a really distinct message to it, and proved that you don't have to dumb down children's entertainment for kids to like it.

Oh Pixar, if you'd only have a female protagonist now and then, you'd be perfect.
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I'd say it's not a surprise that my two favorite Disney movies of the last twenty years (Jesus God, that excludes The Little Mermaid...I feel so old) are the ones with the "she's her father's daughter" kinds of storylines.

We have The Princess and the Frog, which I won't go into any more detail about because it's still new enough that I don't want to spoil it, but needless to say I cry twice every time I see it. And then we have Mulan, which, hoo boy. "The greatest gift of all is having you for a daughter." Cue tears. Forever. Even before my dad died, I could not get through this scene without crying.

Least favorite Disney movies of the last twenty years: ones featuring asteroids and protagonists who kill mama animals. I am not fond of either of these things at all.
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Today started off really crappy -- no real reason, I pretty much just woke up panicky -- but it got better due in part to my purchase of The Princess and the Frog DVD during lunch!

([livejournal.com profile] poisonivory also cheered me up. <3)

I went to Best Buy because there's one near my work, and the prices were comparable to Amazon anyway. But much to my happy surprise, Best Buy was giving away a The Princess and the Frog Essential Guide with each purchase. It's cool, but ill-named. What a poor excuse for a guide to the movie. Any fool who saw it three times in the theatre knows this information.
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I complain about my family, but I'll say one thing about them -- they're supportive as hell. They've never blinked an eye at whatever interested me, be it reading comic books or studying archaeology or waking up early for Saturday morning cartoons all the way through college. I think they just don't see the point in judging me for something so trivial, and if it makes me happy to collect Baby-Sitters Club books, then dammit, my mom's going to comb used bookstores looking for the ones I'm missing.

They're really awesome that way.

It also helps that there's a strong thread of geekiness in many of them as well. They exposed me to the things that were important to them, and I took it and ran. And while, say, my dad didn't realize that reading Foxtrot to me every Sunday would lead to him having to buy me armloads of paperback comic strip anthologies ten years in the future, I can at least blame everything on them.

For example, here's some evidence of where my comic book and Disney obsessions may have originated. Large pics ahoy, dial-up beware.

Comics )

Disney )

In conclusion, how could I not turn out this way?
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Maybe I saw The Princess and the Frog for the third time today. And maybe it made me cry again. LOOK IT'S NOT LIKE I HAVE A PROBLEM OKAY.

I can quit whenever I want.

I just love this movie so stupidly much.
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Um, it's entirely possible that I saw The Princess and the Frog again today. I mean, seriously, I have it bad for this movie. Like, all of it, and pretty much all of the characters, but particularly Prince Naveen. I won't go into spoiler-y detail, but Naveen is so my character type that it hurts. And he's just so charming.

[livejournal.com profile] poisonivory and I have this idea that all the Disney princes have this club where they all hang out together and talk about having awesome wives and occasionally have their own adventures. But there's a definite schism in the club -- on one side of the room, you have Philip talking about killing a sorceress-dragon and Li Shang doing bare-chested practice combat moves, and on the other, there's Eric dancing the hornpipe and Snow White's Prince Charming applying another coat of lipstick. Face it, not all princes are created equal.

But they all aspire to be like Aladdin, the coolest prince of all. I mean, he's badass. He's streetwise. He could pick all their pockets in under four seconds. He's got a magic carpet. He somehow makes a fez and Hammer pants look stylish. Aladdin's awesome. And now, since the new movie's debut, they also want to be just like Naveen. Because Naveen is almost as cool as Aladdin, only with less monkey and more sweater vest.

And okay, okay, the tiniest of spoilers, maybe )
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[livejournal.com profile] poisonivory and I had been planning on seeing The Princess and the Frog this week pretty much since we knew it was going into limited release Thanksgiving weekend. But only when we (along with a few extra friends) got to the theatre did we find out that the cheapest tickets were $30. Why? Because after the show, you could go to the Roseland Ballroom and meet all the princesses (even Pocahontas and Mulan!), learn how to draw a character from an animator on the movie, play games, and take green screen photos.

Which, of course we did. Considering the movie let out at around 11, this is some dedication.

As for the actual movie -- YAYAYAYAY (slight spoilers) )

Lastly, one of my favorite parts of the whole experience was seeing so many little girls arrive for a movie only out on limited release for three days, already dressed as Tiana. Little teeny tiny girls and older girls, all in that beautiful green petal ballgown (instantly my favorite princess formal dress, though Snow White's classic outfit is my fave overall), with sparkles and crowns and big, big grins. I love how instantly and wholeheartedly they've embraced Tiana.

I'm so going to see this movie again.
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Today, I spontaneously wrote one of the drabbles I owe [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory. I am as shocked as you are!

Rain (Disney, Huey/Gosalyn) )
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We went to see Hair last night, and it was really good! Hippies, flowers, tons of naked people -- what could be better? Though, for a musical set in the '60s, featuring hippies, with a song celebrating hairiness, I found it rather amusing that most (if not all) of the male cast members had shaved chests and armpits. Flower children were really into Bic razors, man.

Then, today, [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory and I saw the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3-D double feature. Guess what? These movies are still awesomesauce. I don't think it's really necessary to report either of these facts. They rock so hard. Pixar did a very good job of laying an amazing foundation for this company/division of Disney. These movies are also the only reason I want to hug Tim Allen.


Jul. 25th, 2009 11:59 pm
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Okay, so apparently [livejournal.com profile] second_batgirl and [livejournal.com profile] harmonyangel went to Heroes Con and Don Rosa was there and then they got back from Heroes Con and now I have a sketch of Scrooge! And he's on dresser, looking at me right now!



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