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I know I'm fully integrated back into Midwest life when a walk of less than a mile seems insurmountable to me. Hell, some days the mailbox seems way too far away. Stupid cars and your ease of transport.

This is part of why I bought a stationary bike, you see -- so I can ride miles and miles without ever having to put decent clothes on or interact with anyone other than my cat.

bike time

Nov. 3rd, 2011 11:10 pm
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I've actually been using my exercise bike every day this week, going at least 5 miles, sometimes a little over. This probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but considering my general exercise routine has involved walking to the mailbox once a week, this is hugely exciting for me.

And you know? I already feel a lot better, generally. There's a self-esteem aspect, seeing my endurance improve a little each day. But I also just feel upbeat and happier afterwards. Go go endorphins! Let's just see if I can keep up the routine.

See, this is part of the problem I had with P.E. as a kid -- the exercise I like to do (biking and walks), I very, very much enjoy. The competitive sports I was forced to participate in were humiliating and something I dreaded each day. I'm simply not a very good runner, even when I was running laps every weekday and taking walks after school and in the best shape of my life. I spent a lot more time figuring out how to avoid running back and forth than enjoying being outdoors and physical activity. If I had been allowed to speed-walk the track for the full hour, I would have had a lot more positive attitude about the whole thing.

(In 0 Period P.E., which a lot of honors students took to free up a class during the main school day, we were originally allowed to just walk around, which I did happily for a few weeks. Then it was discovered that some of the more zealous students were ducking out of the walks to crouch behind the dumpsters and study flashcards for other classes, so we were made to play basketball or volleyball instead. This is so sitcom-esque comically nerdy that I wouldn't believe it was true if I hadn't witnessed some of these kids with my own eyes.)
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My brother's surgery seemed to have gone well. At least well enough for him to text message me, which, granted, isn't exactly running a marathon, but still - I'm relieved

Speaking of running, I didn't run today! I did go to the gym and walk a lot, though, first on the treadmill, then on the track. It, uh, didn't go to well. I started off by actually falling off the treadmill when I pulled off my hoodie, and then later I ignored something in my shoe that was irritating my foot and as a result I stupidly gave myself a huge callous. Like, so big that I can barely put pressure on it, which is of course is inhibiting my ability to walk. I'm afraid for tomorrow, seriously.

And hooooly crap, a diamond commercial just made me cry. Just call me Mary Anne Spier, y'all. In my defense, it showed a mother with her newborn, which apparently has something to do with diamonds. I don't know. This isn't as sad as the time I cried over a cord blood bank commercial, or when I look at pictures of bouquets of flowers on the Internet and cry because whoever's going to get those sent to them must really be loved. (Um. Yeah. I've done this more than once. It's usually a pretty good indicator that I'm PMSing.)
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I bought the stupid iPod. It should get here sometime next week. Luckily, I also finally got one of my state refunds today, so I don't feel as weird about purchasing it as I might've. I'm sure I'll appreciate it once I'm on the treadmill or taking a walk and not having to fumble with my CD player.

(Speaking of the gym, we tried the pool and the sauna today. It was really rather fun. My skin smells like chlorine.)

Less drastic spending was in the form of the library book sale, where I bought five books (three hardcover) for less than two dollars. Their BSC selection was slim, and I have so few left to complete my collection, but they did actually have Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall, leaving me with only two books to go! This is exciting or something.
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There's a deal for summer membership at the gym - three months for the price of two - so we joined up today. I haven't really gotten in any good exercise in a while, so it felt really nice to do it today. Just the treadmill, but I once I was done I felt better than I have in a while.

But you know, when you work out, you need music. And I gamely tried to just use my old CD player, but it was clunky and awkward and I really just need to shell out the cash for an iPod (along with an armband). But it's a lot of money - relatively speaking - and even though I actually got my economic stimulus money yesterday, I'm still like, "But what if there's an emergency? I might need this!" Then there's the ever-looming threat of my student loan debt, which I gamely make payments on every month, though it hardly seems to make a difference.

(I did the math, and if I pay $275 a month on my loans - a number I'll start on once I finish paying off my mattress in two months - it will take me roughly seven years to clear my debt. Before interest, though, so it'll actually take longer. I know it's worse for other people, but it's still not a very happy thought. My biggest dream is to win one of the monthly $25,000 student loan repayment sweepstakes at Sallie Mae, which is about the saddest thing ever.)

Yet at the same time, I keep going, "Just buy it. You've been doing well and you've wanted one for a while." So blah. I've just got the Apple Store window open, staring blankly at it.
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Wow, this week was basically never-ending. It just seemed to stretch ON and ON, and I've felt cranky and tired the whole stupid time. Just generally a brain dead, worthless sort of week.

I guess good news is that it looks like we're actually going to join the gym, seeing as we bought workout pants and bathing suits and stuff. I'm actually looking forward to it. I mean, it looks like we're mostly only going to have time to go in the mornings (which means getting up earlier), but hopefully that'll just mean I'll be going into the day more energized and awake. Well, in theory. Or I could just be sore and cranky, which is my default anyway. So it's not like I'm losing anything (except money)!


Apr. 19th, 2008 09:40 pm
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I went on a walk today, and I'm a little embarrassed to say that it's the first real walk I've been on since moving to Ohio.

In California, I used to go on walks a lot. There was a track across the street from me, and dusk was the perfect time to go walk a mile or so, listening to music and letting my mind wander. Even when I was in college, I managed a few walks a week when the weather was good, just circling the campus until I was tired.

Really, I like taking walks. It's good thinking time and good exercise. But to take a walk, I really need to feel safe wherever I happen to be. And it's not that we live in a bad neighborhood - we simply don't tend to even drive during the residential area I knew I'd be walking through. I had no idea what it was like, so it wasn't until today that I was able to talk myself into it. Here's what I learned:

There is an old-fashioned root beer stand less than five minutes walk from here. I'm much looking forward to trying it.

The neighborhood here, needless to say, look nothing like those in southern California. Very picturesque. You know, for a bunch of houses.

Lots of people do yard work on Saturday.

After not taking a walk in months, even a thirty minute one is exhausting and slightly painful.

Douchebags will always scream incoherently at you from passing cars if you're taking a walk on a semi-busy street.

And the neighborhood seems relatively safe. Even though there was this one creepy guy sitting in front of his house wearing a neon yellow safety vest (no shirt) which he casually unbuttoned when he saw me coming. Niiiiice.


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