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I got my Dimestore Dame up a day late. She is Cecilia Reyes.

Today I celebrated getting paid by buying $30 worth of Canadian tea (which is not a weird euphemism) and then severely overeating at Chilis. Holy Moses. I need to crawl off to bed and concentrate on digesting.
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I spotted these goodies from Hostess today while I was out shopping.

from the makers of Flash Cakes and Globallz... )

I didn't have it in me to buy them, though. From my experience with Flash Cakes and Globallz, they will taste like something that belongs in one of the middle levels of Hell. What I did buy was a bag of Halloween candy, which probably guarantees that my, like, five year streak of getting a grand total of zero trick-or-treaters will continue.

tea time

Oct. 23rd, 2011 02:07 am
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So, that fic commentary meme going around? I'm in, if anyone's interested. I've done one for Flood Tide and The Allure of Sweatervests, but my other fic can be found here.

Also, today I spent way too much at Jungle Jim's (beware: the website starts playing a song almost immediately) on almost all totally unessential items, like cheese crowns and honey butter and barrel pickles and Walkers crisps, then celebrated by coming home and buying expensive tea online*. It's nice to be in a situation where I actually make enough money to spend some, but maybe I need to have my debit card taken away for a little while.

* Though, in my defense (?), I do drink like four cups of tea a day at this point, so tea is something I usually need. But not in my defense, I already have like nine varieties of tea bags/loose tea/tea concentrate. And I asked the open post on Jezebel tonight for recommendations, so I have a million new ones I want to try. Um. At least I haven't bought a Threadless shirt in a while?
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Stole this from [livejournal.com profile] madri:

Give me a fandom and I will tell you:

Favorite female and male character
Prettiest character
Favorite ship
Favorite episode/scene
Unpopular opinion

To console myself over my failed rice experiment, I made pancakes tonight. They came out delicious, fluffy and golden brown. That'll show you, rice.


Oct. 8th, 2011 10:46 pm
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Tonight I tried cooking rice for the first time. Result: a burned pot and a smoky apartment. I can't seem to get the smell out, even after having the window open and using a box fan for hours. And now my head hurts. And I'm demoralized from the loss of the rice.

In other words, I cannot cook worth a damn. Canned ravioli for me from now on.

Also, I bought an exercise bike to fight against outgrowing all my pants. We'll see how that goes.


Jun. 27th, 2011 11:00 pm
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One of the biggest problems when I'm stressed is the lack of self-control when it comes to my diet. If I want to eat it, I do, and I think very little of the consequences. Hence my two desserts tonight, the ninety pounds of sunflower seeds I consume per day, and the fact that Dunkin Donuts now knows my drink order.

I'll pay the price, but for right now, it's just easier to give myself whatever the hell I want.
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The next two days will reach temperatures nearing 100 F. Wtf weather. Why are we skipping spring entirely? Nofe air.

On the plus side, Dunkin Donuts is having their $0.99 iced tea promotion (any size), which means I can quench my thirst with a giant-ass drink that lasts me from 8 am to 6 pm. On the minus side, I'm pretty sure the tea is eating a hole through my acid reflux-prone stomach. But will I abstain? Probably not. The deal is too good to worry about my health.
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Mom Month continues on Dimestore Dames with everyone's favorite Goblin-marrying gal, Liz Allan Osborn.

Did I mention that a company sent me a cake yesterday? It's true. It's also very, very, very sweet...just eating a sliver of it tonight kind of gave me a headache. But! A free cake!


Apr. 21st, 2011 10:19 pm
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This week's post: She-Hulk!

Today I had my seasonal hamburger and just, yes. God, red meat tastes so delicious when you only let yourself have it occasionally.
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Scenario: Someone has a bag/box of non-chocolate candy and offers you a piece. Not knowing the flavors, which of these options do you choose?

[Poll #1714648]

IDK, some colors taste better to me.
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February is a dangerous month for me.

1) It's my birthday month. So if anything goes wrong for me, even the slightest bit, I'm offended that fate didn't take my feelings into consideration.

2) Hot Chocolate Festival at City Bakery. I'm limiting myself to one cup a week, but still. Soooo chocolate-y. Today's pick: Cinnamon. Perfect balance of cinnamony goodness and rich chocolate decadent insanity.
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Today's major accomplishments:

1. Actually mailed my international holiday cards (did those first so I could just go to the post office rather than deal with stamps), then went straight to the bank, walked a mile to the library and then back, and picked up groceries on the way home.

2. Collapsed onto my bed with exhaustion.

3. Baked a potato for the first time (I have sub-remedial cooking skills).

4. Watched some Hoaders, which freaked me out so much that I cleaned up my junk mail pile.

5. Wrote some probably nonsensical captions for work; I'll pick at them later.

Tomorrow and the next few days are going to be much busier, but it'll all be worth it on Friday, when I get a week of vacation time.
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When I went to get my much-anticipated Thanksgiving dinner, I discovered that McDonalds had closed more than an hour early. UGH. Luckily, Burger King keeps its promises, but it just wasn't the same.

Sorsha, being more of a traditionalist, really enjoyed her meal of turkey & giblets in gravy, courtesy of Fancy Feast.

Now I'm just waiting for the $10 sale at Threadless to start. DON'T JUDGE ME, I'M ONLY BUYING THREE TWO THIS TIME. And I have $10 in coupons, so whatevs. STOP LOOKING AT ME.

so fancy

Nov. 22nd, 2010 11:23 pm
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I've been craving McDonalds hamburgers for some reason -- more for the texture than the actual taste, which is weird -- so I was thrilled to discover that it's open until 6 PM on Thursday.

Two cheeseburger extra value meal, you are officially my Thanksgiving dinner.
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I went to the OBGYN today. I'm not going to get any more TMI than that, but needless to say, while the doctor was great and made it as easy as possible, it was still totally uncomfortable and not at all fun. Best of all, I not only woke up early to go to the appointment, I went straight to work afterward.

Let me tell you, going directly from my annual gynecological checkup to work is not an optimal situation.

So, I decided to treat myself to some shopping after work. Maybe some clothes? Or a purse, even though I just bought a purse like a month ago (I HATE YOU, NEW PURSE). Off to Century 21 I went. I wandered around the handbag department for half an hour, but the only ones I truly liked were twice what I was willing to spend. Upstairs, I poked halfheartedly at some clothes, but nothing stood out. I even went to the makeup section, but buying something I view as a necessity didn't really strike me as a treat.

Okay, no matter. Maybe a treat would suffice. I stopped at Duane Reade and wandered the aisles, but the ice cream selections were all not-delicious, none of the candy was singing to me, and I couldn't justify buying anything more filling when my appetite is smaller these days anyway. (Speaking of which, I've lost five pounds since last month.)

I ended up buying milk. Not very exciting.

Hanging my head like an Arrested Development character, I headed home. Why was the universe doing this to me? Didn't it know what I had been through? And then, the universe took pity on me. There, on the street corner, was a woman illegally selling homemade churros from a shopping cart. They were two for $1, but she gave me three. Thank you, universe!

They were just okay.



Oct. 12th, 2010 11:16 pm
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Tonight I ate four chocolate croissants.

Which I actually call "crescents."

I have no regrets.
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I'll have to put in some time on the cosmic treadmill after eating one of these:

I like to think this is also one of Linda's nicknames for Wally.
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Dear world,

If I should suddenly die today, I want you to know it was because I just ate some really expired eggs today. Like, outrageously expired. Because I really wanted protein, and the eggs were already in my fridge, and I'd have to put on clothes if I wanted to buy some more, or pay an outrageous price if I just had some delivered.

Copious Internet research suggested that refrigerated eggs can last far beyond their sell-by date. I also put them in some cold water to see if they'd float, and they seemed all right. And when I cracked them open, they smelled and looked fine.

And when I scrambled them, they were absolutely delicious.

But still. If everything goes wrong and I die, this is probably why. That, or I was murdered. Or my cat accidentally knocked me out a window. Or Superboy Prime punched me out of existence.

I bequeath my new shoes to my mother.

Warily yours,
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Found at my local grocery store:

Also available: Superman Twinkies.
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Last week, I had a dream where I realized that my ice cream was poison, but I ate it anyway. This may offer insight into why my jeans no longer fit.

In my defense, it was snickerdoodle ice cream.


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