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Mar. 5th, 2010 11:52 pm
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Weekend started with: buying of comics, then off to Big Daddy's, where I got a complimentary entree for my birthday, along with a shake. Only I ordered a root beer float on accident, and since I'd promised half of a shake to [ profile] poisonivory, she spent the rest of the evening giving me death eyes.

On the docket for the next few days: work a little, enjoy warm weather, go to the library, sleep a lot, watch Big Bang Theory.

My days are just packed.
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I was hanging out with [ profile] poisonivory, but then she kicked me out when someone she likes better came over. WHAT A JERK, Y'ALL.

This was after we spent like 15 minutes in the baby clothes department at Target, deciding what clothes Ted and Booster pick out for tiny Rip. No, seriously. Then our uteruses exploded. It was messy.

Then we watched Space Jam. I think she enjoyed it somewhat more than I did.

Then I came home and found that [ profile] caia_comica had sent me a Valentine with Aquaman riding a shark. And it was awesome. THE END.
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Ran around the city with [ profile] derien all day. Very good time, but now must collapse. But before I do, guess who stood in the room where Teddy Roosevelt was born? We did! It was awesome.
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In honor of Independence Day, [ profile] poisonivory and I went to Coney Island. Here are some things that happened:

1. Before we even left, a guy tried to solicit me for sex because I happened to be standing alone on a street corner at 10 in the morning. Score! I could use some extra cash for skeeball!

2. Once at Coney Island, we watched Joey Chestnut beat the world record in the hot dog eating contest -- 68 in 10 minutes -- all to the fevered chanting of "USA! USA!" from thousands upon thousands of people. HE IS AN AMERICAN HERO. Kobayashi came in close with 64.5 hot dogs. HE IS A JAPANESE HERO.

3. After standing in line for an hour and getting our own hot dogs, fries and giant lemonades, we saw Joey, Kobayashi and the other eaters as they were escorted away from the crazy crowd. We, being part of the crazy crowd, gawked and applauded.

4. Back at the boardwalk, we played skeeball and pooled our tickets for a weird troll doll/koosh hybrid and a harmonica. Between the two of us, we probably spent $10 on these awesome items.

5. Then we went on the Wonder Wheel and [ profile] poisonivory was very nice as I had a nervous breakdown. THE CARS SWING, OKAY. IT'S DISCONCERTING.

6. Then we were tired and sunburned, so we went back to non-Coney Island Brooklyn and watched The Great Mouse Detective, The Little Mermaid and some Darkwing Duck episodes, and also ate pizza and ice cream.

In conclusion, God bless America.

the days

May. 30th, 2009 11:50 pm
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Yesterday: went to the ballet! Le Corsaire at the Metropolitan Opera House. It was gorgeous, and I had the most amazing seat ever. For my first ballet, I would say A+.

Today: met up with [ profile] chicken_queen and her aunt for fun times! We walked around the city a little in a vain attempt to find shoes and BSC books, then settled down for a healthy dinner at Max Brenner. Seriously, my dinner was french fries and a chocolate shake. It was AMAZING. Then we wandered around Times Square. Huzzah for meeting LJ friends -- I've known Ashley on the line for only about 83835084 years now, so it was nice to know she wasn't actually a middle-aged man with a lot of free time on his hands.
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Tonight [ profile] poisonivory and I saw someone masturbating on the subway for the very first time, and it was like the best thing ever! Okay, so we didn't actually see much because the guy was thoughtfully shielding himself with his coat, but still, it was great. And by great I mean really gross.

And before that, we had really good fish and chips with [ profile] harmonyangel, and now I feel I am going to die of fried thing overdose. Nnnngh.
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1. Yesterday, [ profile] the_evident and I went to see Billy Elliott: the Musical, which I enjoyed scene by scene, but I thought lacked overall effective storytelling; if I hadn't seen the movie, I'd have had a hard time figuring out the complexities of what was going on. However, the Billy that night was really an excellent dancer, and the kid playing Michael pretty much stole the whole show. I do love seeing talented kids.

2. Today, we saw I Love You, Man, which wasn't totally laugh-out-loud funny, but was pretty charming. It was a lot of humiliate-the-main-character humor, which I'm mostly uncomfortable with, but it got better as things rolled along. A+ for my homey Thomas Lennon having a small role.

3. Then we went to the city for some Papaya King, which I'd never had before. I don't tend to like hot dogs, but these were good. However, they were nothing next to Pink's.

4. Then I painted my nails and had cheesecake and tortilla chips for dinner. Yay?
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Dear Mom:

Please stop jokingly asking why none of your kids are married, especially since I'm at an age where I'm sensitive about it. I'm going to be a crazy cat lady or a cruel elderly governess and I'm resigned to that, okay?

Love, Mackenzie

P.S. Pass this message on to Grandma while you're at it.

In other news, [ profile] the_evident is here!
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1. I wrote some limericks. One is Byron/Jeff!

2. This one is a sequence of events, as I am fancy:

a. Got papaya-mango hair products.
b. Saw that the City Bakery's special of the day was tropical hot chocolate.
c. Received pineapple-shaped candle.
d. Song "Chocolate" came on Pandora.

The obvious conclusion is that God wanted me to get some tropical hot chocolate. It is sludge-thick and rich and delicious. It better be, for $5.50.

3. The bottom of my feet feel like burning.

4. Not much freelancing happened due to my computer revolting.

5. Card from [ profile] horsescanswim! SHE DREW MS. MARVEL. <33333
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Autumn came to New York today. It's freaking freezing. It, uh, hadn't occurred to me to pack a coat, so I'm a little D: about it.

I also didn't hear about the job today, but I didn't expect to. Hopefully next week.

Did I mention it was freezing? *huddles under a blanket*

Also, tonight I had dinner with [ profile] poisonivory. It is good to have a friend with whom you can discuss: a) what Superman tastes like (we decided on apple pie), b) the secret lives of the DC super-writers (did you know Geoff Johns is the heir to the Papa Johns Pizza fortune?), c) Booster/Ted mpreg, and d) how much Kon smells.
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Reason why this phone conversation was wonderful:

[ profile] poisonivory: *in Mickey Mouse voice* Jesus is awesome!

I feel sorry for anyone who ever overhears one side of our chats.

ny, day 2

Aug. 6th, 2008 11:10 am
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Yesterday was better than the day before.

In the early afternoon, I met up with [ profile] suyari around her home turf (which happens to be near where I'm staying), and we went to lunch at scenic Burger King. We didn't do too much more than eat and talk, which was fine by me because it was super hot yesterday, and while it gets mega hot in Jacksonville, we don't tend to walk around in it so much. It was low-key and nice and relaxing and just what was needed.

Later I went into the city and met up with [ profile] poisonivory, even though I was 15 minutes late because at one point I got convinced that I was on the wrong train. We went to the American Girl store, which was AMAZING and now I want a little girl I can take there and probably not spend money on (one thing that has never changed about the AG brand - the prices), and then the Disney store, where she bought me this rubber duck (amazingly, the tattoo on his biceps just says "Pirate"). As expected, when the two of us are faced with several floors worth of Disney merchandise, we can say some pretty ridiculous stuff, and we actually managed to find a salesperson who seemed to think our talk of Mickey cannibalizing his nephews was hilarious. He was actually kind of creepy and probably wanted to make us his brides. We escaped pretty quickly.

Afterward, we got foods. Tuscan foods! They were good. And now I've been working on this entry off and on for a couple hours and should really cease.
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What do you do when you see a photo of an Old West prostitute who looks startlingly like someone you know? Do you just chuckle and move on with life? Do you tell her? Will she be amused (I would be), or offended? What do you tell her if she gets angry? "Well, I'm sure she had a heart of gold," or "But Miss Kitty was cool"?

Come to think of it, though, if someone doesn't find it hilarious that they look exactly like an Old West prostitute, they're no friend of mine.

ETA: Huh! (HP spoilers! Kind of. Well, not really. I think a lot of us suspected.)


Sep. 30th, 2007 07:08 pm
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Vacation thus far:

Friday - The flight takes about an hour and is relatively smooth. One and a half Xanax seems to help somewhat, and I manage not to succumb to the drowsiness side effect until we get in the cab. We find our way to Heather's Brooklyn apartment and have a delicious dinner of something I can't remember. Um. But it was good. Also there was cake. Heather and [ profile] khirsah play Final Fantasy and I basically fall asleep by 8:30.

Saturday - We go into the city to eat at 'wichcraft, Tom Colicchio's sandwich cafe. I have half a chicken salad sandwich and a cup of tomato soup and it is made of good. I then discover that my digital camera is broken and I am sad.

Heather works in the Flat Iron Building; we see that. Madison Square Park has a dog park and it is difficult to restrain ourselves from running amongst the puppies. At the giant Barnes & Noble, I buy Hero by Perry Moore. It looks great, but I haven't started it yet. Then we walk through the farmers' market and we head back to Brooklyn.

We eat dinner (steak!) and watch some Horatio Hornblower. A sailor having post-rape PTSD seizures shouldn't be as funny as it is. Also Horatio is way hot.

Sunday - I make my way on my own to Times Square to meet [ profile] poisonivory. I manage to get on the right train, but get completely lost in the station itself for about half an hour. Once I am located, we go to the Disney Store, where we are the only adults in line to meet Snow White and Cinderella. We wander around the store for, like, an hour or so and get caught up in the High School Musical 2 pep rally. PI knows all the steps to the dance they teach the kids. It's kind of amazing.

Once we force ourselves to leave, we wander around for a while discussing the dynamics of Max/Louie, Max's spoiled selfishness, and Louie's damage from being abandoned so often as a child. Also, we agree that Louie's probably a gym bunny in the making. This is basically the best conversation ever and if we don't end up on Overheard in New York multiple times, it'll be a total gyp.

We eventually make our way to the Shake Shack after admiring the same dog park from the day before. We eat lunch and the cutest puppy in the universe decides that eating PI's hand is Serious Business. Across the street is a comic book store, and not only do they have a pretty decent selection of comic strip books and statues, they have many great issues of Donald Duck et al with the awesomest covers ever. Donald should not be eating eggs.

I managed to find my way back to Brooklyn without falling into an open manhole or something. Though I was on the subway most of the time, so if I had, I don't know where I would have fallen to. Hades? Oh noes.


Jul. 15th, 2007 04:59 pm
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Yesterday was pretty awesome, even if I was too tired and headachey to write about it at the end of the day. [ profile] vegetariansushi (whom I work with), her little girl, and our friend Nick went to the Cleveland Zoo for the day. I'd been to one decent zoo in my entire life, so it was cool to see, like, actual giraffes and lions and such. The hours were spent wandering around, eating expensive zoo food and ice cream, and climbing a tree. We also saw a masturbating sea lion, but no matter! At least he was having a good time too.

I'm not really good at the "Stuff is cool!" posts. Most people aren't. But man, I work with cool people! I'm hanging out with them outside of work! I'm not at all used to this!

Here's how it's supposed to be - I'm supposed to wake up, already dreading work. I rush to get ready so I can make my bus and start the never-ending commute. I spend the entire day resenting each and every task I am asked to do. Once I clock out, I can go to the creepy bus stop and wait, already dreading tomorrow.

It's not supposed to be weekend zoo trips with my really cool co-workers.

But I guess I can deal.
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Sunday - lunch with [ profile] tarampaiel, who is a very awesome person and appreciates Del Taco as much as I do! We talked HP and fanfiction, and she was very sweet and gave me a Target giftcard, which was totally unnecessary, but very appreciated. I will use it to buy pretties when I'm in Ohio.

Monday - random Disneyland jaunt with [ profile] the_evident. I hadn't been in about two years, so there was some newish stuff I hadn't experienced before. Best part of the day - the excited faces of people boarding Pirates of the Caribbean, fresh from seeing the latest film and sure it will be the best swashbuckling adventure ever, contrasted with the blank, bitterly disappointed faces of those stepping off the ride, which is in fact just a glorified diorama.

Tuesday - my mom got in today. We've been packing, little by little. She's already somewhat annoying, but not as bad as I thought she would be. I'm getting rid of a good chunk of my comic book collection, and I know some people on my flist would faint in horror to know some of the stuff I'm giving to my comic shop. I wish I'd had time to go through it all earlier, so I could have distributed it to whoever wanted to give it all a good home, but alas! Less than a week 'til Mackenzie's Big Move (Baby-Sitters Club #88.5).
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Since I'm leaving California in a week and a day (JESUS CHRIST), it was decided that it'd be a good idea to have a fun day out with my friends. Since I have, um, three friends that I have any interaction with in real life (in my defense, I went to college out of state, so many of my friends are far away), it promised to be a small affair.

I really wanted to see 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, which is in Los Angeles until, well, today. I'd heard it was really good, but didn't know much about the show other than the fact that Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who was Richie in my dearly departed show The Class and also played the orthodontist in Ugly Betty, was an original cast member and would be performing. So I bullied [ profile] the_evident, [ profile] entwashian, and [ profile] vagabond_sal into going with me.

Beforehand, the day was pretty much structured in hopes of celebrity sighting. We ate lunch as the very famous Pink's, which had an hour-long line that was so worth it. Chili nacho cheese dog with onion rings for the win! The wait set us back, though, so we couldn't drive by Nickelodeon Studios in hopes of, you know, casually running into Josh Peck or something.

But we did go to the Arclight, where [ profile] the_evident once saw Ryan Gosling and where Keanu Reeves has been photographed. No one of interest, though the gift shop had awesome stationery sets and books. So we went across the street to Amoeba Records, which is a huge music store where Elijah Wood shops. It was very crowded, and I did find a Lucksmiths CD (which I bought), a poster announcing a release by the Remus Lupins (which I wanted to rip off the wall and steal), and a guy with a giant parrot on his shoulder (I love southern California), but no one famous.

But that was okay! It was time to go see the musical, and I was babbling about Jesse Tyler Ferguson nonstop. We got lost on the way there, and there were signs directing us to drive the wrong way down one-way streets, but we got there in plenty of time. We walked up to Wadsworth Theatre, where a small crowd was waiting outside, and [ profile] the_evident (who has seen a mere one episode of The Class, mind you) says, "Isn't that that guy you like?"


The show itself was awesome. There's a lot of improv and some audience participation, and it's really hilarious. I recommend it highly to anyone who gets a chance to see it, especially since I hear Mo Rocca's in the Broadway cast right now. After the show, we went to IHOP even though we were falling asleep, because the siren song of pancakes was great.

WHAT A BRILLIANT DAY. Expensive and slightly rushed, but good friends, good food, good show, and a good chance meeting. A++ all around!


May. 27th, 2007 05:31 pm
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[ profile] entwashian, her parents, and I went to the 2007 Highland Games in Pomona today. There was good food, lots of interesting things to buy (including a vendor who sold British food and snacks, but though I desperately wanted some, I could not talk myself into buying what was surely weeks-old Hobnobs for $3.99), and men in kilts. Unfortunately, most of the kilt-wearers were too old or too young to properly ogle, though I did see one startlingly blond boy in a kilt, crouching on the ground and engrossed in some unknown activity with a brunet. I pointed them out to [ profile] entwashian and said, "There's Byron and Jeff."

The big thing, though, was the athletic events. Apparently, it was the US National Championship games or some such. We watched for a while, and it was very interesting and fun, but it was also very sunny and warm, and I did not have the sense to put on sunscreen. I left the festival with a terrific sunburn - and by terrific, I mean it in the sense of Franklin Roosevelt's last words before dying of a cerebral hemorrhage being, "I have a terrific headache." - that is mostly confined to my left arm.

My right arm has a smaller, more minor burn; it hurts less than it itches. Left arm is lobster arm, though. It's so conspicuous that it's embarrassing. And hurty.

You don't believe me? )

...okay, so it doesn't look that impressive, but, um. Ow. And I don't know why it looks like I have double chins down to my clavicle, because I assure you that I do not.
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Here's a quick math problem for you:

Wrestling in a pool of chocolate milk > wrestling in a hot tub?

Well, GUESS WHAT. With Drake & Josh, you never have to solve that impossible equation - you get both! God, I love this show.

Anyway, some shout outs. [ profile] poisonivory sent me a Christmas package (yes!) of comic books, and apparently there is another package of equal or greater awesome on the way. Yay! *hugs presents* :D

Also, today I had a lovely afternoon of dinner and boba with [ profile] vagabond_sal. Did you know that if you say something stupid while he's taking a drink of water, he laughs and it comes out of his nose? True facts!

fire bad

May. 7th, 2007 10:22 pm
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I know I could draw this story out and make it somewhat interesting, but I'm going to bed in a few minutes, and I'm too exhausted from the emotional roller coaster that was this week's Heroes to even attempt it.

The temperature today suddenly climbed to the 90s, and as is common in the dry, brush-filled, fire-prone regions of southern California, a fire broke out in the dry brush of Anaheim Hills. It was a smaller fire than the one in March, which made national news, but it was still a decent size, and much closer to my work. We watched at least ten fire trucks zoom by our office, and could feel the low-flying water tank planes at they soared overhead. Really, we were close.

But I didn't feel scared, and as it turned out, the true danger did not emerge until I was taken further away from the fire itself and dropped off at my bus stop. There, I realized that all traffic going east had stopped. I mean, almost completely dead stopped. Every few minutes, a few cars could turn left, but there was barely even any inching forward for a very long time. And guess what? My bus comes from the east, then loops back around to pick me up and head west.

I called the bus system. They assured me it was on schedule. A half hour later, no bus in sight, I called again. It was not on schedule, they didn't know where it was, or when it would get there. As I talked to the agent, I saw it inch into sight, headed east. It was already about a half hour late.

Did I mention that the connection I needed to make - a connection that was the last to run on my line for the night - was due to make its stop in twenty or so minutes? The ride would take at least fifty.

But then, in the true spirit of Heroes night, like a beacon of dim hope, [ profile] the_evident came and saved me from a future of confusing impromptu bus routes and uncertain arrivals home. She shone with the beauty of a thousand Claires (though not Peters, because that would be ridiculous), the brilliance of a hundred Mohinders, and the optimism of too many Hiros to count. She drove me home, and that means she is my Hero.

If I drank or even had a glass, I would raise it to Annie right now.


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