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Oct. 23rd, 2011 02:07 am
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So, that fic commentary meme going around? I'm in, if anyone's interested. I've done one for Flood Tide and The Allure of Sweatervests, but my other fic can be found here.

Also, today I spent way too much at Jungle Jim's (beware: the website starts playing a song almost immediately) on almost all totally unessential items, like cheese crowns and honey butter and barrel pickles and Walkers crisps, then celebrated by coming home and buying expensive tea online*. It's nice to be in a situation where I actually make enough money to spend some, but maybe I need to have my debit card taken away for a little while.

* Though, in my defense (?), I do drink like four cups of tea a day at this point, so tea is something I usually need. But not in my defense, I already have like nine varieties of tea bags/loose tea/tea concentrate. And I asked the open post on Jezebel tonight for recommendations, so I have a million new ones I want to try. Um. At least I haven't bought a Threadless shirt in a while?
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FACT: No Dimestore Dames post from me this week. I decided I needed to take the week off, by which I actually mean that whenever I went to start it, it felt like I was mentally running face-first into a brick wall.

FACT: The level to which I am now enjoying Criminal Minds is disturbing, since until a few weeks ago I only vaguely knew it as that show that starred Greg from Dharma & Greg and terrifying close-ups of Mandy Patinkin's face.

FACT: I shouldn't be allowed to go to Target anymore, because every time I do, I end up spending dozens of dollars. Dozens, I tell you!

FACT: Relatedly, I've pretty much embraced my life of prematurely middle-aged spinsterhood by buying a roomy chemise, not unlike the kinds my great-grandmother liked to wear when I lived with her as a ten-year-old and she made me share the bed with her even though she had a spare room with an empty bed in it. It's livened up with a design of sock monkeys and bananas. I also think I've been experiencing something akin to hot flashes, and considering I did have a grandmother who went through early menopause in her late 20s, I'm mildly alarmed.


Aug. 8th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Today I purchased a microwave and then came home, got online, and bought the most expensive wallet I've ever owned. Which is under $40, but still.

My means of justifying the wallet is to vow to pack my lunch for the rest of the week, which sadly will cover most of the expense because I've easily slipped back into the habit of eating out all the time. But I also just feel like I've been spending a tooooon of money, and I guess I have, in a way. I've had to buy a lot of basics, including appliances, kitchenware, and just stocking up the pantry, all of which adds up.

But I've also got a freelance check coming within the month, my moving reimbursement hopefully heading my way soon, and it's just a lot cheaper to live in the Midwest. Plus, I'm making more money than I did in NY, so part of the issue is me assuring myself that I'm not going to be out on the street carrying around my cat in a hobo bindle just because I bought a nice, moderately priced wallet. (Which would also go in the bindle.)
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It's hard to explain what it's like to grow up poor. Obviously, you can talk about things like, hey, we had to drink dehydrated milk sometimes (word to the wise: avoid this at all costs) and buy clothes from Goodwill and on a few Christmas mornings we awoke to find only a single present each. And I think most people can understand the shittiness of that and sympathize, but when I try to dig down and try to explain how being poor makes me feel, it gets tougher.

I have a lot on my mind )
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I have been writing so much at work that I don't even feel like writing this sentence. But for you, I'll do it.


My brain hasn't been very good at holding on to any real thoughts or emotions lately. Also, I've been getting annoyingly lightheaded every day for about a week now. I'd go to the doctor about it, except the $20 copay is not in my budget at present.

But possibly the worst thing of all is that this song has been stuck in my head all day:

Why, Jesus.
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I gave four people at work donations to Oxfam in their honor as holiday presents. They have program similar to Heifer International in that you can choose specific gifts for those that need them, but in a wider range of prices and choices. One person got books for children, another got toys, and two got honeybees (because supporting honeybees is a cause that's really close to my heart).

Now, I have two facets to my personality that don't really mesh well. I love giving gifts, but I'm also a tightwad. So I started getting buyer's remorse. Getting four was a little over the top -- only two people really needed to get something. And even though I'd already donated the money and printed out the cards and given them away, I started berating myself for spending too much because pennies make dollars (this is one of my life's mottos, I am not even kidding a little bit) and I could have used the money.

And then I realized I was conceptualizing it on what luxuries I could have bought for myself with that money, and I felt really ashamed.

I'm incredibly privileged to live in a wealthy country and have a job that supports a modest amount of comfort. It wasn't always this way; there were times in my childhood when I only had food, toiletries, and shelter thanks to charity. I need to be better about remembering the generosity of others and paying it forward; if the kindness of others didn't help me grow as a human being, what was the point?
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Dear Audubon Society,

I want to punch you in the head. I give you money to save oil-covered pelicans, and you repay me by selling my information to nine billion other charities? I'm seriously getting 2-5 solicitations for donations per day at this point.

I hope all the birds in the world swarm together to peck your anthropomorphic face off.

No love, Mackenzie

P.S. To other charities, I appreciate the address labels, blank holiday cards, and random gold medallions with prayers engraved on them, but please save yourself the $.50 it cost to contact me. You are not going to guilt me into giving you money; the Audubon Society has made my giving heart turn to ice. The only exception is the hilariously named Ducks Unlimited, because it makes me think my donation would go straight into the (body-)pockets of Gladstone and Fethry.
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I went to the doctor about two weeks ago. All the blood work amounts to about $300 out of my pocket. For that price, there better be something wrong with me.

In any case, one thing my medication has not accomplished is making me feel less tired. I'm 26 -- aren't I supposed to have any energy ever?


Apr. 17th, 2010 11:15 pm
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These are the purchases I made today:

1. Toothbrush
2. Umbrella
3. Stamps
4. Detergent
5. Coco Pebbles
6. Pizza, to be used as multiple meals

But I honestly feel like I was splurging or something. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.
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[livejournal.com profile] poisonivory and I went to the MoCCA Festival today, and I managed to restrain myself and only spend $20 (not including the ticket). I got Smile by Raina Telgemeier, which I immediately read in one sitting, and Veeps, which is (obviously) about the vice presidents. What, me interested in the presidency? What a shocker!

I just spent like three minutes staring into space because I had no idea how to continue this post.

Oh. I also got some free sketches. One is a Mini Marvel Namor (he's so very grumpy), the other a pretty duck.

More staring. This is becoming such an interesting post. In conclusion, I need to not spend money until payday and also to sleep.
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I spent $100 yesterday ($75 on five items of clothing, $25 on a very cheap theatre ticket), and I feel like a monster. A SPENDTHRIFT MONSTER.

Like. I'm awful at spending money; it's hard for me to part with it. As I said to someone earlier tonight, poverty tends to affect children in one of two ways -- either they spend every cent like sailors on leave, or they sew it into their petticoats to hoard for a rainy day. I'm not sure if I've ever met someone of a similar background who did not conform to one of the two extremes. But I'm definitely the latter. Hoo boy.
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I went to the Barnes and Noble website looking for a weekly planner.

When I left, I'd ordered six books, including the planner. Granted, the most expensive book was under $7 and the cheapest was a little over $3, but still. This is what happens when I get paid -- all the cash burns a hole in my pocket.

Well, not really. I actually dither about every tiny purchase and nine times out of ten opt not to buy it. I actually haven't bought any books roughly a million years. But still! I could have saved that money and used it for, uh. Swimming in a la Scrooge McDuck.

But that would hurt more than one would think.

Something I did not hesitate to buy today -- a hot chocolate from City Bakery. It's Hot Chocolate Month there, and today's selection was Ginger. It's so thick and rich that it's like drinking a melted candy bar. I mean, seriously, I've only finished half -- maybe less -- and the rest is in the freezer for tomorrow. It's that intense.

buzz buzz

Jan. 11th, 2010 11:20 pm
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Today I was eating honey candy (read: straight-up cough drops, because I have problems), and then I started getting really worried about the declining numbers of honey bees. Like, I was actually panicking about it. So, long story short, my metaphorical wallet is now $50 lighter. It went to bee research.

Considering how many things I freak out about, it's a wonder I have any money at all.

(It's also probably a good thing that the first charity I wanted to donate to doesn't want to deal with overseas donations -- it was to sponsor part of a hive in Toronto for $102. Yes, I was more than willing to spend over twice the amount I already couldn't really afford. There are other similar options in the U.S., but the ones I found didn't use PayPal and I felt a little uneasy about dealing with them.)
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Things I would like to buy: New phone with awesome camera. Another iPod. Clothes that are actually flattering. Etc.

But I need to face facts -- I have trouble spending money, even on things that are not entirely frivolous. Most likely, I will die a secret millionaire who has been hoarding stolen Sweet N Low packets in her bedroom closet for forty years. I feel sad for [livejournal.com profile] vagabond_sal, with whom I'm pretty committed to sharing a condo in Boca during our twilight years.

(I don't even like Sweet N Low.)
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One of my goals for the year is to buy a Victoria's Secret bra.

Not because they're pretty -- though they are -- but because it's an extravagance I've never been able to talk myself into. The nicest ones tend to be more expensive, so as long as the brand I usually buy is $10-$20 cheaper, durable, not totally ugs, and flattering, I just keep buying the more boring brand. But I eye VS whenever I walk buy a store, when I flip through the catalog I get in the mail for some inexplicable reason.

I'm so thrifty sometimes that it's stifling, that I panic in the face of any slightly unnecessary expenditure. I need to teach myself how to be frivolous every once in a while -- and a pretty, lacy, colorful bra might be the key.
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Sometimes it feels like this journal is a daily record of bad news and failures. So I'm always surprised when there's actually something good to report!

A little while ago, my insurance company informed me I'd have to pay $750+ because my doctor didn't tell me the diagnostics company was out of my network. Emoness ensued. I emailed the insurance company with a, "Um, what?"

Yesterday, I got an email informing me there was a note for me to read on the insurance company's website. I assumed this was them reiterating that I'd need to pay for it, or my bill for another procedure. (One of the blood tests the doctor had done was apparently experimental, and the company told me by mail that they'd denied it. So switching doctors.) So I put off reading it for a day because I didn't want to deal with the bad news.

But it was good! The insurance is paying for the big bill! I don't know why, but YAY YAY YAY I AM SO HAPPY. Bob from The Incredibles must have been in charge of my claim! This is how my face looked when I found out -- :DDDDDD. Exactly like that!

I'm trying to tell myself I don't need to celebrate by buying this phone.
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Less than cool event of the day: It turns out that my sonogram and echocardiogram were done by an out of network diagnostics company. My doctor did not tell me this. Guess who gets to pay $750+ out of pocket!

You get one guess.

So now I have an ex-doctor and a lot of extra worries. I guess this is fate's way of telling me I don't need that new iPod after all.
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Even though I realize this LJ has been very Debbie Downer for a while and I was planning on writing about something a little more lighthearted tonight, I will now say this instead: if lab tests cost this much money, maybe I'll just live in pain. Seeing my bill for just two rounds of blood work is kind of an eye-opener.

I guess I can appeal? But I don't know how or even if I have a case to -- I got the second round hoping something would pop up to explain my joint pain when the first failed to. The doctor mentioned something about waiting to do the second round because sometimes insurance companies refuse to pay unless more mundane reasons are explored first. Well, I think they didn't want to pay anyway. Fair enough?
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Happy thing today: P is for Painted Babies at 17, one of the greatest documentaries of all time. KISSY KISSY SMOOCHY SMOOCHY.

Also, I was disappointed to learn that I did not win the New York Mega Millions lottery jackpot, despite investing a dollar for a quick pick. I figured if I'm going to fantasize about winning the lotto, I need to actually buy a ticket once or twice a year. It's probably good that I lost, though, because my first plan -- if I won -- had been to fly to California and have Del Taco to celebrate. And from there, I realized that I'd probably continue to live a lifestyle identical to my current one, only with slightly less anxiety and much more delicious (and thus highly fattening) food.

After a few years, I figure I'd probably be the focus of my own TLC documentary, Super-morbidly Obese Millionaire, though, and it would have all been worthwhile.
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1. My loan got deferred. No payments needed until February, though it seems to still be accumulating interest. Oh well.

2. One of the jobs I applied to contacted me today. Not to, like, offer me a job or even an interview, but to ask for more information about a particular skill. Based on the skill and my honest answer, I doubt it'll go anywhere further, but, well. They were interested enough to ask! That's something. I guess.

3. My roommate made a very good point about something. And if I'm any less vague about that, I might get sued. But it cheered me up!

4. Coconut popsicles. Mmm.

Less than good - my uncle apparently had a heart attack last week. He and my grandmother (his mom) have now both had heart attacks, been fully aware they were having heart attacks, and just sat down and gone, "Ho hum, guess I'll go to the doctor tomorrow." WTF kids. At least my dad was stupid and had no clue he was having his first heart attack - he thought he ate a bad donut or something.

(When we described his symptoms to my mom over the phone, she actually rushed over and insisted on driving him to the hospital. Turns out, bad donut = heart attack. She essentially saved his life, and it was fun to rub that in his face every chance we got.)

But COME ON. If you have a heart attack, call 911 or at least your spouse or kid or something. Even worse, it won't be until next month that he can get fully examined, to which I was like, "So go somewhere where there are bigger hospitals with shorter waits?" I mean, Phoenix and Las Vegas aren't that far away. I think his heart is worth the drive, you know?


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