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At work, I consume caffeine, oh, pretty much constantly. I have several varieties of tea bags and my chai concentrate, and we also have a Keurig. Even when I bring my lunch, I pick up an iced tea at McDonalds or somewhere at least half the time. It's always tea, so it's not as strong as it could be, of course, but it's still something.

On the weekends, I've been consuming almost no caffeine. I save my chai as a work treat (plus, I know if I break into it at home, it'll just be a slippery slope to finishing off a whole carton every other day), and I didn't have sugar so I wasn't brewing hot tea. So I was going cold turkey every weekend.

I've been having really bad migraines almost every Saturday.

Let's just say I had a bit of a lightbulb moment this week. And now I have sugar, and it's been my first completely headache-free Saturday in weeks.

The only problem is that I didn't finish my last cup until after 9 PM, so I don't really see sleep happening any time soon.
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I woke up with a headache. I had hoped it was a "I slept kind of funny" headache and took Tylenol and tried to go on with my day, but as it grew more intense and I got more nauseated, I realized I had a migraine on my hands. Or in my head.

Migraine Saturdays are the very best Saturdays!

Unfortunately, I needed to do some freelance, so I had to work through the pain. (At this point, I think my excuses for being slow on getting stuff in probably aren't very believable, even though they're all true. "Mackenzie's grandma died, and her Internet was out, and she had a migraine? Suuuure.") I'd search vainly for just the right way to position my head to minimize the pain, my arm flung over my eyes, while my computer chugged along, searching for the info I needed. Once that was done, a shower helped for, well, the duration of the shower. Then I tried eating some chocolate ice cream because, like Remus Lupin, chocolate makes me feel better sometimes, but alas.

A three-hour nap barely took the edge off. At one point, I cried from it hurting so much for so long. All thoughts of food make me want to barf.

Please pet me and making soothing noises at me in case I wake up tomorrow and still feel like dying.
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This week's Dimestore Dame (Marvel flavor) is the enigmatic M!

I was going to write more, but augh God sinus headache. But don't cry for me, Argentina. (Or do. It would be a major ego boost.)
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The next two days will reach temperatures nearing 100 F. Wtf weather. Why are we skipping spring entirely? Nofe air.

On the plus side, Dunkin Donuts is having their $0.99 iced tea promotion (any size), which means I can quench my thirst with a giant-ass drink that lasts me from 8 am to 6 pm. On the minus side, I'm pretty sure the tea is eating a hole through my acid reflux-prone stomach. But will I abstain? Probably not. The deal is too good to worry about my health.
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I have been writing so much at work that I don't even feel like writing this sentence. But for you, I'll do it.


My brain hasn't been very good at holding on to any real thoughts or emotions lately. Also, I've been getting annoyingly lightheaded every day for about a week now. I'd go to the doctor about it, except the $20 copay is not in my budget at present.

But possibly the worst thing of all is that this song has been stuck in my head all day:

Why, Jesus.


Feb. 7th, 2011 11:30 pm
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Number of bruises I've counted so far: 18.

This is without actually having to carry any of the moving boxes up or down any stairs. Admittedly, I bruise quite easily, but getting one on my finger is a new high pinnacle of anemia, even for me.

It's actually on my middle finger. Maybe because I use it so much?
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Hey. Check out my rad wrist brace.

jealous? )

I got it because I have tendinitis in both arms and tennis elbow on my right (which is also my worse wrist and, probably not coincidentally, my dominant hand). Here are the things it inhibits:

* moving my wrist
* typing
* using a mouse
* signing the receipt to buy a wrist brace
* rummaging through my purse properly
* punching bad guys (I assume)

But the alternative is sharp, searing pain when I, oh, change my pants or open a drawer or just move my arm too much. Sometimes I still get a little of that, for funsies. Packing this weekend is going to rock!

On the plus side, I'm having a lot of fun pretending to be Spider-Man, who's working on a crude web-shooter prototype.

yes )
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I'm trying to think of something to post, but my brain keeps going CRAMPS CRAMPS CRAMPS CRAMPS so I can't concentrate.

Did I mention I have cramps?

Also, did I mention that my Yuletide writer, [livejournal.com profile] zelempa, drew a cover to Byron and the God of California? This one? The original of which I now own, because she's super cool and lives and works absurdly nearby? Also, she did not murder me, which is generally my first concern whenever I meet new people. I'm still not entirely sure that that hasn't been my roommate's goal all along.
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1. I went to a new dentist today, and omg. I was treated to the following: clean facilities, prompt appointment, nurse who didn't fumble her way through the X-rays, friendly dentist who explained everything he was doing and realized I do not have incisors (seriously, my last dentist insisted that I did; I guess I hallucinated having them removed ten years ago) and didn't once comment on my freakishly small mouth and who was hot, and main dentist who looked like a mad scientist and praised my cavity-free teeth.

I shouldn't be so thrilled at getting basic, customer-friendly treatment, but I am.

2. The winter holiday season is stressful to me because it requires me to spend money, which I instinctively prefer to hoard like a squirrel with a cheekful of acorns. But on the flip side, I love giving gifts. Why can't they just all be free?

That said, though, I'm almost done with my holiday gift shopping, I think. There are a few stragglers here and there, but it's all stuff I have planned anyway. And it's only December 2! Since when am I ever on top of stuff? I think last year I was furtively buying stuff on the last shipping day before Christmas.

Speaking of gifts, I got a card from [livejournal.com profile] cynicalpeach yesterday, and presents from [livejournal.com profile] thuri! Which I should have waited to open, but I actually panicked and thought maybe I had bought myself some things and forgot about them. But instead they were wonderful, awesome surprises, and I love them so much and both of you. <3
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I went to the OBGYN today. I'm not going to get any more TMI than that, but needless to say, while the doctor was great and made it as easy as possible, it was still totally uncomfortable and not at all fun. Best of all, I not only woke up early to go to the appointment, I went straight to work afterward.

Let me tell you, going directly from my annual gynecological checkup to work is not an optimal situation.

So, I decided to treat myself to some shopping after work. Maybe some clothes? Or a purse, even though I just bought a purse like a month ago (I HATE YOU, NEW PURSE). Off to Century 21 I went. I wandered around the handbag department for half an hour, but the only ones I truly liked were twice what I was willing to spend. Upstairs, I poked halfheartedly at some clothes, but nothing stood out. I even went to the makeup section, but buying something I view as a necessity didn't really strike me as a treat.

Okay, no matter. Maybe a treat would suffice. I stopped at Duane Reade and wandered the aisles, but the ice cream selections were all not-delicious, none of the candy was singing to me, and I couldn't justify buying anything more filling when my appetite is smaller these days anyway. (Speaking of which, I've lost five pounds since last month.)

I ended up buying milk. Not very exciting.

Hanging my head like an Arrested Development character, I headed home. Why was the universe doing this to me? Didn't it know what I had been through? And then, the universe took pity on me. There, on the street corner, was a woman illegally selling homemade churros from a shopping cart. They were two for $1, but she gave me three. Thank you, universe!

They were just okay.



Nov. 10th, 2010 11:25 pm
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Dear throbbing pain in my ribs,

Hey, you. I don't know where you came from or why you decided to show up a couple minutes ago, but I'm closing down for the night. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.


the rest of Mackenzie's body


Oct. 26th, 2010 10:42 pm
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Dear salesperson at Rite Aid,

If the store has made an error and incorrectly tagged an item as for sale, generally you honor the sale for the customer who unwittingly stumbles on the problem, then fix it. Don't wander out to the aisle to check if I'm lying, leaving me to be glared at by an old woman with arms full of Werthers Originals bags, and then try to shrug me off and say it wasn't advertised as for sale, even though they were clearly marked as Buy One, Get the Second 50% Off.

I was trying to purchase 76 maxipads. Did you need Blue to point out the clue here? Do you really think this is the time to try to fight with me? You stood absolutely no chance. So help me God, I would've stood there and argued with you until Mr. Rite Aid himself flew out to ring up my sale, and then eaten all the Dove chocolates in the store.

Acquiescing was the wise choice.

Someone with cramps

In other news, I got starred on Jezebel today! \o/
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Last night, I had a dream that I woke up covered in bed bug bites, and then when I actually awoke, there were two huge, itchy pinkish welts on my left hand. Needless to say, cue freak out.

After consulting with photos of insect bites online -- word to the wise, never do a Google image search of spider bites if you want to be able to sleep ever again -- I think they look more like mosquito bites. Which I'm pretty sensitive to anyway, and they've been known to bite me more than once too.

I really, really hope they're mosquito bites.

Ew, I just found another one on my right arm, and one on my elbow. And another on my right hand?! Okay, here comes another freak out.

ETA: I actually just killed a mosquito brazen enough to land on my bed in broad daylight, so maybe that solves the mystery?
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Yesterday: I ate dinner, then felt sick.

Today: Continued feeling sick all day, so I consciously chose a dinner than included none of the key ingredients from the night before. I ate dinner, then felt sick.

Way to be awesome, stomach.

I've also been really, really tired for the past couple weeks? Despite getting the same amount of sleep? It might be depression. But I'm going to keep on truckin' through the weekend, and if it's not better then, to the doctor I go.


Jul. 25th, 2010 10:38 pm
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Mosquito bite count yesterday: seven.

Mosquito count today: twelve.

Screw you, mosquitoes.
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I went to the podiatrist yesterday, and he taped up my ankle, this time with an Ace bandage. I guess I could have paid better attention on how to do it myself, but instead I've opted to just try to keep it on as long as possible.

Having never broken a bone (that required a cast, anyway), I had only heard tell of putting a plastic bag over an appendage to keep it dry during a shower. So I stuck a grocery bag over my foot and kind of just tied it off.

Result: me cussing fifteen seconds into the shower, which was followed by futile blow-drying of foot.

Tonight I opted for a bath instead, with my foot sort of hanging over the side and out of danger. It worked, but it wasn't the most comfortable position, and rinsing my hair was a pain. I never thought that spraining my ankle would give my abs a workout.
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My ankle's feeling a lot better. Yesterday I could only walk on it for a couple minutes at a time before the pain got bad, but today it feels more stiff than anything else. I spent most of the day elevating it, icing it every few hours, so I'm tentatively hopeful that work tomorrow will not be hell. Unless they suddenly add running in place to my job description.

Which may be my very worst nightmare.
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Whenever I see people stumble in the street, or fall (and quickly get up, proving they're okay), I just keep walking like I didn't see a thing. If I can contribute to some stranger's hopeful sense of, "Hey, maybe nobody saw that," I will.

I do this because I stumble all the time, and I would really rather everyone react like I do. Nothing happened, move along, nothing to see here. I am not particularly light on my feet and have screwed up my feet and ankles innumerable times (I won't go into gross details, because I know a lot of people have feet squicks), but suffice it to say, I have literally tripped on absolutely nothing before -- loud enough for nothing to thump audibly. I have fallen up the stairs. Every time I take the stairs now, I proceed like I'm climbing Mount Everest, because I'm so wary of tripping and taking a tumble.

I don't usually take a lot of stock in astrology, but I'm a Pisces, the sign that governs feet. Apparently, we have a lot of trouble staying 'grounded.' For me, this is literal.

I have no idea what exactly caused me to stumble, oh, about fifteen minutes ago, but there were definitely witnesses, since I almost fell on them. I got my balance at the last second, but oh my God, my ankle. Luckily, I was just a few minutes from home, but it hurts so much. Elevating it hurts too much, not elevating it hurts too much, icing it hurts too much. And of course it's the same foot that recently had tendonitis.

So much for more errands today.
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1. Saw Iron Man 2 today. Needless to say, I liked it a lot, despite rolling my eyes at some parts. Know what else I like? Clark Gregg. He plays a SHIELD agent. (I don't really think that's a spoiler.) I don't know what it is about him, but there's just something about him I always enjoy. He's also one of the very few reasons I occasionally watch The New Adventures of Old Christine.

2. I seem to be having a lot of stomachaches recently. That I do not like. In fact, I have one right now. I drank Pellegrino most of the day to settle it, and while it worked to a point, drinking carbonated beverages when you're not used to them is painful all on its own. It hurt to swallow.


Apr. 8th, 2010 11:52 pm
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Finally broke down and went to the podiatrist today, after almost a week of pain. The diagnosis: tendonitis, exacerbated by my wonky way of walking on the sides of my feet, which tires out the muscles quicker. Also, I have an unusual accessory bone right up near the inflamed tendon, which isn't helping matters BUT hopefully is the first indicator that my latent mutant gifts are developing!(!!)

Anyway. I bought some inserts to force me to walk right (so far, it seems like I'm walking so one foot is fine and one hurts at all times), and the doctor taped up my foot to hopefully keep things under control for the next few days. I'm just tired of something always being wrong with me.


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