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Today I actually went out and did stuff, which was pretty exciting considering I spend most of my Saturdays streaming Netflix and napping.

First off: the Cincinnati Zoo, which I have to say is pretty awesome. Whenever I go to a zoo, I'm overwhelmed with thoughts like, Okay, this thing can't be real. It's a robot. Or Jim Henson's Creature Shop designed this. Giraffes, for example, are too bizarre to exist, even as they stand in front of me. The only creatures that are entirely exempt from this are the apes, because they seem so close to human. And the cats, because they're all just big Sorshas to me. I constantly struggle to remind myself that lions do not want me to scratch behind their ears and given them some Purina One.

Maybe I need to watch Grizzly Man again.

Anyway, then it was off to the mall. This was especially hard because for whatever reason, I felt like buying ALL THE THINGS. But I managed to restrict myself to a bar of LUSH soap and a tiny bottle of Philosophy body wash. Because those are things I totally needed. But I did at least manage to put down a million boxes of Christmas cards, face wash, tins of tea, a Fossil watch that I want rather desperately, all of Sephora, and a ton of other things. I call that a success.

Not a success: this boring post.


Aug. 8th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Today I purchased a microwave and then came home, got online, and bought the most expensive wallet I've ever owned. Which is under $40, but still.

My means of justifying the wallet is to vow to pack my lunch for the rest of the week, which sadly will cover most of the expense because I've easily slipped back into the habit of eating out all the time. But I also just feel like I've been spending a tooooon of money, and I guess I have, in a way. I've had to buy a lot of basics, including appliances, kitchenware, and just stocking up the pantry, all of which adds up.

But I've also got a freelance check coming within the month, my moving reimbursement hopefully heading my way soon, and it's just a lot cheaper to live in the Midwest. Plus, I'm making more money than I did in NY, so part of the issue is me assuring myself that I'm not going to be out on the street carrying around my cat in a hobo bindle just because I bought a nice, moderately priced wallet. (Which would also go in the bindle.)
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The rest of my stuff got delivered today! And with that, my move is complete. Except for all the boxes I have to unpack. Of which I have completed...part of three.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've been doing a whole lot of nothing all day, and it's thoroughly exhausted me. I need to go get reacquainted with my mattress, which hasn't felt so comfortable since the day it was first delivered.
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Internet and cable are hooked up (I can afford cable here, yay), Mayflower's scheduled to deliver the rest of my stuff on Saturday, and my cat is stuck to my like glue until her moving insecurity goes away. Also, the more I look at the couch and tables I bought earlier this month, the more I love them. It's nice to not regret buying things you dipped into your savings to buy.

Sorsha is digging her claws into the couch as I type. I take this to mean she approves.
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First of all, thank you so much for the kind words and condolences about my grandmother. It really means a lot to me that people care. Right now, I'm still adapting to the move, learning my new job, trying to crank out a freelance project, and setting up my apartment, so I don't know if I've even begun processing how profoundly her death will affect me.

My goal is to stay numb and ball all my emotions deep down until they comes exploding out of me in a flood of catatonic tears. That usually works for me.


If Paypal hadn't limited my account today and instead let me buy the to do list notepad that I desperately wanted, I probably wouldn't have gone to Amazon looking for an alternative. And spent $30 on things. None of which are a to do list notepad.
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Yesterday I spent about a billion dollars (in other words, ~$250) buying essentials for my apartment, because I'm ludicrous and didn't own things like a stove pot or forks. And since I'm moving into it later today (OR ELSE), I should probably be able to have implements with which to cook food and then shovel it into my mouth.

I have to say, between that spending spree, buying furniture, and the fact I'll also be handing a check over to Time Warner for Internet/cable tomorrow, looking at my bank account makes me very sad. I need to keep telling myself that this is why I save money.

Oh, and by the way, the latest Dimestore Dame is one of Asgard's strongest warriors, Sif!
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I was very busy today.

First of all, I finally got to see my new apartment. I was told I'd be able to move in today, which was true as long as I didn't need unscratched kitchen countertops or a working bathroom. Needless to say, I said I had no problem waiting; the new move-in date is Tuesday at the earliest and Thursday morning at the latest.

But! It's nice? And has like three big closets, which makes someone used to NYC apartments like me positively swoon, plus a little storage area, and crazy semi-shag brown carpet. It so excited me that we zoomed right over to Furniture Fair, where I bought a couch, coffee table, and end table, all to be delivered on Friday. Buying living room furniture makes me feel incredibly old.

But the fact that these are major purchases (albeit at a big discount -- thanks, tent sale!) and I don't regret them at all is a good sign. Usually, I hem and haw over the tiniest of purchases for about a million years. Next up -- dinnerware, flatware, and bathroom stuff. The fact I don't own the basics is ludicrous. How old am I again?
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Watching Hoarders + sorting through my giant pile of hair/beauty products = NIGHTMARE SCENARIOS. The teasers for season 4 will include a shot of me sobbing as I'm pulled off a pile of expired conditioner. But on the plus side, at least it's pushing me to put more and more in the giveaway bag. Because, seriously. You don't need four flat irons, Mackenzie.

(I reduced it to two flat irons. And three blow dryers. DO NOT JUDGE ME.)

In other news, I'm kind of at a loss in regards to what to do next, since most of my stuff that can be packed is packed. I want to wait a day or two before I wash my linens, and there are a few breakable things I want to wrap up and burrow in with the sheets. I'm still using my cups and whatnot, and things like tissue and shampoo (the shampoo I'm actually using right now) need to stay out until the last moment. Also, it's hot, and I just don't have the willpower to clean out my food and stuff.

Someone just come and finish it all for me. Payment: hot makeouts.
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This week's Dimestore Dames post explores Wild Thing and my awkward teen geekosity.

Also, I've been reading a book on compulsive hoarding, and while it's fascinating, it's also kind of useful. While I'm not a hoarder, I have poor impulse control sometimes. Today I bought some clothes online and went back and forth all day over whether I should cancel the order or not. Like, in the space of a minute, I'd be totally convinced I should cancel it and swing over to the other side. I need more work shirts! But I just bought clothes last month. But I like this sweater a lot. But there'll be other sweaters and you have so many. But I always need sweaters. Etc.

Finally, I thought of the book and I:

a) pictured the amount of space I have and the clothes I already own and considered the cost of not just buying the clothes, but storing them.

b) remembered the negative feelings I had just last weekend when I went over my budget, and how I'd feel even worse if I went over again in April.

c) canceled the order. A few chapters have mentioned scenarios where the counselor convinces the hoarder to throw something away, then immediately rate the level of discomfort is caused (on a scale of 1-100). It's usually in the 80-90 range, at least in the examples. Then a few minutes later, when asked again, the level is already way down to like 60 or something. Within days, it's practically nothing. So while it pained me to give up the good deal (I bought on a sale) and the clothes I knew I'd like, within a minute of the order canceling, the discomfort was already vastly less. Now I barely care at all.

I'd be happier if I just had the money to buy the clothes, though.
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How many years have I been talking about wanting to get a bed? A million? A trillion? Well, now I have one. This one!*

It was delivered today, and it's all put together and dominating my room already. I'm kind of intimidated by it, actually. I've never owned a real bed. I mean, I've been sleeping on a mattress and boxspring for years, and once upon a time I actually had metal slats to lift them up a little, but this is the first time I've had an actual headboard and footboard, and it's so high up that I'm convinced I'm going to roll out of bed and kill myself mid-dream.

Sorsha, though, loves it. Having under-the-bed expands her territory considerably. I've barely seen her in hours. I also think she enjoys the higher altitude so she can better survey her vast kingdom. "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

* I got it for over $100 cheaper, though. In fact, within hours of my purchase, the price got raised. Awesome timing, me.


Feb. 12th, 2011 11:54 pm
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Today I went to IKEA for like five hours and all I got was a wastepaper basket and some chair cushions. And some meatballs. Oh God, meatballs.

Also, my babyvision went off the charts there today. BABIES BABIES EVERYWHERE AND NOT A ONE TO SNUGGLE. Why can't I be a professional baby snuggler? I would be really good at it.

I almost wrote "smuggler" instead of "snuggler."


Aug. 2nd, 2010 11:03 pm
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I got a new cell phone today! And even though I've been complaining about my old phone for at least a year, I was sad when it got packed away, unlikely to be used ever again.

Oh magenta Motorola Razr! Remember when you were a cool phone to have? I fondly remember going to Best Buy and gleefully snatching you up one hot July day three years ago. Then about seven seconds later, it was no longer the it phone, and then I dropped you on tile floors a couple of times, and then you went through those stages where you randomly shut off by yourself. But we stuck together for just over three years, because I'm lazy and cheap.

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Sorsha on a 10 degree day: *hides under bed*

Sorsha on a 90 degree day: O HAI I SNUGGLE YOU NOW.

This cat baffles me. She may have been insecure because she thinks I love my new fan more than her, since I gave it her spot on the windowsill. I somehow made it through last summer without one, let alone air conditioning, but today I broke down and got one at Rite Aid (on sale!). Sorsha may be onto something, though -- I think this fan is the new love of my life. Along with copious numbers of Otter Pops, it might just get me through this heat wave.

Also, unrelated, but the mouse button on my Macbook seems to be sticking. That, or an incredibly douchey poltergeist is specializing in not clicking things and -- even more annoying -- clicking things at random. Anyone know how I might fix this?
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I have receipts going back to December, but of course I misplaced/threw away my invoice for the Old Navy order from earlier this month, and that's the one where I got an item with a hole in it.

And of course, it's when I'm digging through the trash, or through the recycling twice that my cat gets really interested in everything I'm doing and starts nosing around.

I'm seriously so angry and frustrated at myself that my chest hurts.


Apr. 17th, 2010 11:15 pm
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These are the purchases I made today:

1. Toothbrush
2. Umbrella
3. Stamps
4. Detergent
5. Coco Pebbles
6. Pizza, to be used as multiple meals

But I honestly feel like I was splurging or something. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.
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I went to the Barnes and Noble website looking for a weekly planner.

When I left, I'd ordered six books, including the planner. Granted, the most expensive book was under $7 and the cheapest was a little over $3, but still. This is what happens when I get paid -- all the cash burns a hole in my pocket.

Well, not really. I actually dither about every tiny purchase and nine times out of ten opt not to buy it. I actually haven't bought any books roughly a million years. But still! I could have saved that money and used it for, uh. Swimming in a la Scrooge McDuck.

But that would hurt more than one would think.

Something I did not hesitate to buy today -- a hot chocolate from City Bakery. It's Hot Chocolate Month there, and today's selection was Ginger. It's so thick and rich that it's like drinking a melted candy bar. I mean, seriously, I've only finished half -- maybe less -- and the rest is in the freezer for tomorrow. It's that intense.
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Well, last day of 2009. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty decent year, especially considering the crappiness of the two previous years. I mean, 2007 was the year Dad died, and 2008 was the year of prolonged unemployment.

At least in 2009, I was employed and could pay the bills. While I had some health problems, I never ended up in the hospital or anything. I actually wrote a chapter of Blue and participated in Yuletide (my fic has been pretty well received, btw, and the recipient seems to like it, so yay). I survived two airplane flights, and Disney returned to 2-D animation. All in all, pretty decent. But then, I usually expect the worse, so anything less than catastrophic is usually fine by me.

So, fare thee well, 2009. Thanks for being not-horrible.

P.S. I am importing CDs to my new iPod, which I never had room for on my previous tiny one. THERE IS STILL SO MUCH ROOM OMG. Seriously, the awesomeness of this iPod is making my eyes turn into swirling vortexes of wonder.
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Early this evening, someone downstairs rang the apartment to be let in. I figured that it was either my roommate or a killer playing his odds, so I took a chance and buzzed them in. But I was wrong -- it was a UPS guy! With a package -- for me!

[livejournal.com profile] derien got me these glasses that I asked for! We actually went to Fishs Eddy together when she visited, which makes them extra special. I love them so much that I'm kind of afraid to use them, but in any case -- eeeeeeeee! Thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

I really need to read more Oz books. I read an annotated version of the first one and fell in love with it (possibly I even wrote Tin Woodsman/Scarecrow once, but I was in it for the puns rather than shenanigans). I'd like to at least read more of the Baum-written books.
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I woke up insanely early so we could get to Target as close to opening as possible and avoid the crazy crowds. Let me be pathetic and admit that in the past, I adored Target. The decor, prices, selection, comfortingly familiar layout, etc. all made me happy. I even liked the smell. But the Brooklyn Target's insanity has no joy for me. Getting there early did make all the difference, though -- not once did I get the urge to dropkick a group of twenty blocking the whole aisle, and it was even still semi-organized.

Unfortunately, though, our whole reason for going turned out to be for naught (we wanted a fake Christmas tree, the ones we liked were so out), but a lot did get accomplished. Like, I bought my very most favoritest holiday candy, GOBSTOPPER SNOWBALLS, and also giftcards for my brothers, officially starting my Christmas shopping for the year.

Then we came home, and I ate my once-yearly McDonalds breakfast.

And I cleaned my room (i.e., the living room) a little.

And painted my nails while watching Humpday.

And fell asleep for two hours because, my God, I was up early on a Sunday.

And that's how I spent the last day of vacation, the end. I'll miss you, long weekend. :(
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This morning I woke up with a horrible headache, one of those ones where I can't tell if it's because I slept in the wrong spot on my pillow, if it's just a sinus headache, or if my brain is actively swelling. Where lying there hurts, moving hurts, sunlight hurts, the blanket over my eyes hurts, and pathetically whimpering hurts. I had to psyche myself up to get out of bed and get some water to wash down the Tylenol.

I feel a lot better now, but the headache is still kind of lingering around, along with the nausea that goes with it. Hooray!

Also, despite the fact I have brushed my teeth twice since eating a bag of barbecue chips 15 hours ago, I can still taste them. Lovely.

And lastly, I now have a dresser and a side table in my room, waiting to be stuffed to the gills with my ugly clothes. They kind of look like dorm furniture, but since I paid $50 for two pieces, I'm not really concerned. After they got here, I left the room for five minutes to take a shower, then came back to this:

But it's just her size! )

Which was cute the first time, but in the last half hour she's opened and gotten into the drawers about four more times, so I sense this is going to get old fast.

I also just realized that Billy's room in my icon there bears a striking resemblance to my own.


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