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I saw this meme on [livejournal.com profile] harmonyangel's journal and it made me smile, so:

Give me a pairing and I will tell you:

who is the big spoon/little spoon
what is their favorite non-sexual activity
who uses all the hot water in the morning
what they order from take out
what is the most trivial thing they fight over
who does most of the cleaning
what has a season pass in their DVR
who controls the netflix queue
who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working
who steals the blankets
who leaves their stuff around
who remembers to buy the milk
who remembers anniversaries

Also, I did all my chores today, even the grossest one (litterbox-cleaning day). I'm absurdly proud about it. Now I just need to concentrate on addressing holiday cards...and starting my Yuletide fic...and work stuff...sigh.
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Steve Jobs died, and that gave me a sad. Happy things instead:

1. Finally got the first of my final two freelance checks! It arrived late due to it getting sent to my old address. Despite my giving them my new address. Oh well. It's here now!

2. Since I finished my last hair story ever (!!!), I had free time tonight and was able to spend a few hours reading for the pleasure of it. I'm ashamed to say I haven't read that long just for fun in months.

3. Listening to "Winter Wrap Up" on repeat, which is ironic considering that we're just getting into Mackenzie's Seasons of Sadness. I don't even think it's the shorter days that get to me so much as the cold. I just don't tolerate it well.

4. Fried green peas.

5. Going to bed early in cute pajama bottoms. They have sugar skulls on them.
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I was kind of psyched because I had a super-productive day. I got a lot done at work today -- it's kind of amazing what a difference having a job you actually like can make. Then I came home, cooked an actual dinner on the stove, washed all the dishes, and finished my Dimestore Dames post way in advance.

Of course, now I've ruined any momentum that I had by watching probably the two most depressing episodes of Intervention ever produced. Now I just want to go hide under the blankets forever.

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Today on Dimestore Dames, I compensate for my lifelong nail-biting habit by examining Lady Deathstrike.

Also, things I'm obsessed with right now:

1. Tazo chai tea concentrate. If I use this stuff, I can make a week's worth of iced chai lattes for the price of just one from Starbucks. The problem is, I seem to be stockpiling them like I'm preparing for the apocalypse. I have eight in my cabinet right now, and one at work.

2. Target. I'm still stocking up my apartment on odds and ends. Like a spatula! And a bath tub scrub! And etc. I very much look forward to the point when I can go to Target and spend less than $30.

3. How disturbingly hot I find Dum Dum Dugan. DAMN. I want to see that bowler hat hanging from my bedpost every morning.

My older brother thinks Captain America sucked. Eventually, I just started making up facts when I was arguing with him about it, because there was no kind way to say, "You also think Hulk was better than Iron Man, so clearly your opinion is no longer valid."
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Today was very much a MOTHERFUCKING ADULT kind of day. I got a lot of work done, including freelance, finished the hardest part of my Dimestore post, and painted my nails, but my biggest accomplishment of the day was going to the DMV.

And, let me tell you. This was the nicest, most stress-free DMV I have ever been to. I walked in and found a nonexistent line and patient, helpful clerks. I filled out a form, took my photo, and within 10 minutes I was walking out with my state ID in hand and freshly registered to vote.

The first time I got a state ID, in California, I was stuck at the DMV for hoooooours. As a result, the difference between the two photos is intensely hilarious. New ID: smiles! Old ID: LASER DEATH EYES.
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Today I did a metric ton of laundry, finished my work for the weekend, made an actual dinner (with leftovers for lunch tomorrow), finished most of a Dimestore post, and started another. This is enough productivity for the entire week, right? I can just stay home the rest of the time and sleep?

Anyway, here are the books I read last month.

books of march )

And now that that's done, I will finish this episode of Sherlock Holmes.
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Three things to be happy about:

1. When I leave work now, there's still a bit of sunlight left, which is just enough to make the crushing weight of the world on my shoulders seem like it's not going to destroy me at any moment.

2. My birthday is in less than a week. Almost another full year of not wandering into an open manhole and dying!

3. Today I just felt kind of off-and-on tired instead of totally exhausted. This is actually something to be pleased about.


Actually, here's a funny story: when I was in high school, I came in second place in a Optimists Club speech contest. The topic was "the future," and every other speech was about how scary and depressing the future seems, considering current events and so forth. (The winner actually opened with a booming, foreboding, "HOMOSEXUALITY" as her opening entry of List of Worrisome Things, and for years my dad and I would continue to mock her awful, awful speech.)

Having seen the word "optimists" in the club name, I figured it was a clue and delivered a really lighthearted speech that poked fun at how easy people of my generation have it. And I referenced Fibber McGee and Molly, because name-checking pop culture phenomena I have no firsthand experience with is how I roll, which probably worked in my favor, since none of the judges were under 800 years of age. I still have the silver medal I won. I laugh every time I see it.
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Today I packed five seven boxes (including most of my books), picked up some clothes that had been shipped to a store, dropped off some clothes for charity, made an appointment for Sorsha to get groomed, and cooked dinner on the stove, not in the microwave, as is my usual MO.

Excellent work, me. Excellent indeed.

Also, I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] caia_comica:

Pick a character I've written/am likely to know about and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing/imagining that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.
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Today's major accomplishments:

1. Actually mailed my international holiday cards (did those first so I could just go to the post office rather than deal with stamps), then went straight to the bank, walked a mile to the library and then back, and picked up groceries on the way home.

2. Collapsed onto my bed with exhaustion.

3. Baked a potato for the first time (I have sub-remedial cooking skills).

4. Watched some Hoaders, which freaked me out so much that I cleaned up my junk mail pile.

5. Wrote some probably nonsensical captions for work; I'll pick at them later.

Tomorrow and the next few days are going to be much busier, but it'll all be worth it on Friday, when I get a week of vacation time.
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Top accomplishments of the day:

1. Lots of work-work done.

2. Wrapping presents for the child I'm sponsoring this Christmas, even though my cat wanted to stretch out across the paper, nuzzle all the presents, play with the tape, etc.

3. Write 700 words of Yuletide.

4. Change pretty much all my passwords EVER. THANKS GAWKER.
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I went to the OBGYN today. I'm not going to get any more TMI than that, but needless to say, while the doctor was great and made it as easy as possible, it was still totally uncomfortable and not at all fun. Best of all, I not only woke up early to go to the appointment, I went straight to work afterward.

Let me tell you, going directly from my annual gynecological checkup to work is not an optimal situation.

So, I decided to treat myself to some shopping after work. Maybe some clothes? Or a purse, even though I just bought a purse like a month ago (I HATE YOU, NEW PURSE). Off to Century 21 I went. I wandered around the handbag department for half an hour, but the only ones I truly liked were twice what I was willing to spend. Upstairs, I poked halfheartedly at some clothes, but nothing stood out. I even went to the makeup section, but buying something I view as a necessity didn't really strike me as a treat.

Okay, no matter. Maybe a treat would suffice. I stopped at Duane Reade and wandered the aisles, but the ice cream selections were all not-delicious, none of the candy was singing to me, and I couldn't justify buying anything more filling when my appetite is smaller these days anyway. (Speaking of which, I've lost five pounds since last month.)

I ended up buying milk. Not very exciting.

Hanging my head like an Arrested Development character, I headed home. Why was the universe doing this to me? Didn't it know what I had been through? And then, the universe took pity on me. There, on the street corner, was a woman illegally selling homemade churros from a shopping cart. They were two for $1, but she gave me three. Thank you, universe!

They were just okay.

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Tonight I did the dishes, cleaned the cat's box, finished a book, did 120 crunches and washed my face. That's enough, right? I don't have to do anything tomorrow, like go to work or put on clothes? I've got to have met the responsibility quota for the week.

Unrelated, but my computer screen is providing the only light in the room right now, so a confused housefly keeps head-butting into it and sending me into a tizzy of the most careful shooing hands in all the land (I can't risk harming Capa II) and hissed curses as the fly tries to obey by flying into my face.

I clearly have such interesting things to say.
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When I got off the subway today, it was just starting to rain. By the time I was inside, it was pouring, with thunder and lightning like crazy (my ability to tolerate these things = almost nonexistent), and you know, eff that noise. It's the kind of night to take an extra-hot shower, use my most delicious autumn-smelling body scrub, and be in my coziest pajamas by 7:30.

Then pizza came. It had pineapple on it, and all was right with the world.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] entwashian posted this pic spam featuring the hotness of Karl Urban. It is a continuation of all that is right in the world.


Sep. 11th, 2010 01:40 pm
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Nine years ago today, I was a senior in high school and skipped watching the morning news. I didn't know anything was wrong until I got to school.

"We're all going to die!" one of my friends greeted me gleefully, then broke the news. I've never hated any of my friends as much as I hated her right then.

Even though it was California and far away from what was happening, all semblance of a normal day was gone. This guy I knew had a mini radio, and he gave us updates all day, and during Econ a reporter from the Los Angeles Times came to get student reactions. But as far as I know, out of the whole school, only one of our security guards knew anyone who worked in the towers, his sister, and she'd made it out okay. I think word would have spread if there were more.

That night, I came home, and it was news news news, all over TV. Even stations like E! and Vh1 had switched over to news station footage, and that was okay, because that's all we wanted to watch anyway. But after a few hours of unrelenting sadness and fear and angry disbelief, I couldn't handle it anymore. TVLand, it turned out, was still showing its regular lineup, and I've never been so grateful for Three's Company just for letting me not think for a while. When Kennedy was killed, my dad was only seven, and he told me he was mostly upset because the news footage had preempted all his cartoons. I thought of that, even though it wasn't the same.

The next day, my older brother disappeared for six months, and our mom hysterically thought that he'd fled to Canada to escape a non-existant draft.

Last night, when I was walking to the subway station, I passed a fire station. They have a permanent memorial to the fire fighters they lost that day, and for the anniversary they'd also put out candles and fresh flowers. I look at their pictures every time I pass the station, and I think of how different living in New York is, and how different the world is now versus the world nine years and a day ago.


Aug. 29th, 2010 11:46 pm
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What I did this weekend:

* Some work stuff for work
* Two loads of laundry
* Made my bed
* Dishes
* Grocery shopping
* Shaved legs
* Read several books (mostly BSC, one for-grownups non-fiction)

What I realized this weekend:

* I really would have rather just laid around.

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Why does today feel like Thursday? I find this to be unacceptable. Especially since I didn't go to work yesterday, so by all rights it should feel like Tuesday.

The fact that these are the only words I've been able to string together for over an hour is suggestive of what my mental state is right now.
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Wow, I've been super-productive tonight! I have:

* Stopped to buy cat food
* Done laundry
* Finished a book
* Got caught up on other reading
* Read all my blogs
* Finally finished season 2 of Chuck
* Washed the dishes

Well, this is what passes for a productive weeknight for me.

Anyway, I think I deserve to look at this adorable but totally unrelated Namor icon for a while.
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I saw the guy who sketched me again today. This time, he was dressed like he thought he was a Dickens character or something, and his sketchbook was a more somber black. He thought he could fool his muse, but I sensed his presence and prepared by not washing my hair last night and sneezing until all the makeup was gone from my nose.

Beauty, I has it.

Me = next Mona Lisa?

(Actually, I have been told by two people on two entirely separate occasions that I resemble the woman in this painting. It was flattering, except that the art book she was on the cover of described her as homely. I just wish I had some of that volume.)
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Dear guy on the subway:

I don't care if you sketch me, but when I try to glance at your work, don't bend the sketchbook so I can't see it. That just gives the whole situation an extra touch of creepy.

Thank you for not trying to sell it to me, though.

Your Muse
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1. Having access to the Internet for realios. I was three hours late to work due to waiting for the Time Warner tech, but thanks to a shiny new modem, the wireless is working like a charm.

2. Manicures. I have one! It's nice! Screw spring/summer colors, I went with deep brown-y red. I suspect it will chip in about twenty seconds.

3. My iPod. I have about eight billion songs on it, and I've only filled about 8.5 GB. Technology is amazing -- the future is now! I'll expect my jetpack any day now.

4. When my cat decides my hand smells terrible and gives it a horrible, sandpaper-y bath. Good to know someone's looking out for my hygiene.

5. The presidency and history thereof. If you're as fascinated by it as I am (and really, who isn't), enjoy this list of beloved presidents doing wretched things. Also awesome: [livejournal.com profile] madri's picks for worst president ever.

6. When my mom calls! Okay, that's a lie, because actually she always has terrible news. Tonight's call was particularly upsetting. It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't obviously giddy with excitement about passing along the heartbreak.


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