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Dec. 29th, 2011 11:53 pm
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Still no comment from my Yuletide recipient. :(

I did, however, survive giving my cat a bath tonight. The day after Christmas, she surprised me with the gift of a disturbing amount of dandruff, which wasn't coming out through brushing, so it had to be done. She cried, I cried, no one got scratched, surely only through angelic intervention. Afterwards, it took three hours, a wet food treat, some cat nip, and the heat cranked up the speed up drying time, but I think she's finally forgiven me. And her hair does look better.

I wonder what would happen if I used pet shampoo on my own hair.
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Sorsha had a gentleman caller yesterday.

at least I think it was a boy )

He seemed pretty interested in her, while she was interested in growling and telling him to get the hell away from her air conditioner. It's good to know that if an evil gang of stray cats breaks in here, Sorsha has my back. Of course, if an evil human were to break in, she'd trot over to make friends.
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There's a cat that lives in the woods behind my apartment. It's black and long-haired, like my cat Sorsha, albeit rather scruffy and scar-faced, so I call it Bizarro Sorsha.

Unfortunately, Real Sorsha fucking hates Bizarro Sorsha. There's a little folded-up towel where she sits and stares out the sliding glass doors for roughly 23.5 hours a day, guarding her kingdom. Mostly, that's fine, except for very early mornings (think around 5 am), when Bizarro Sorsha starts making the rounds.

I don't know if Bizarro Sorsha is fascinated with Real Sorsha or is just an asshole, but it comes onto the patio to stare my cat down. Sorsha's reaction, unfortunately, is to growl very briefly before escalating into full-on screaming, like she's being murdered. Which leads to me stumble-running into the living room in a panic, half asleep, just in time to see Bizarro Sorsha make its getaway back into the woods. And I am filled with hatred for the world, which Sorsha looks at me nonchalantly.

It's not really a fun way to start the day, let me tell you.
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During the last six months or so in New York, my cat was sequestered in my bedroom, for the most part, leaving everywhere else feline-free. Here, she's allowed to roam around, which is nice for her, but I've found myself having to relearn some of her adorable habits. Such as:

* waiting in the bathroom as I take my shower so she can stare at me with huge, luminous, horrified eyes when I step out.

* jumping on the counter and ducking her head into the sink just as I'm about to spit out toothpaste.

* leaning in to see whatever could be inside the toilet about a half second before I sit down on it.

* getting into every possible cabinet and drawer she can tease open with her own wee paws (essentially, every cabinet and drawer...when I first moved in, she jumped on the fridge and hid in the cabinet just above it).

* looking perplexed and wondering what it means when Mackenzie yells things like GET OUT OF THERE, SORSHA and DON'T TOUCH THAT, IT'S HOT.

Very early this morning, I awoke to her yowling like she was being tortured, and when I rushed into the living room in a panic, she merely looked puzzled. Either I dreamed it or my cat is performing some sort of psychological experiment on me.
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When you see this:

You need to think this:

Cats do not want their bellies petted as a general rule, but they love to stretch out on their backs to entice you. Then comes the carnage. Sorsha is an especially potent example, because the white spot on her belly is like a tractor beam for my poking finger.

Okay, that sounded weird.
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Sorsha cuddled up to watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic with me earlier:

Evidently she's a Pinkie Pie fan.
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How many years have I been talking about wanting to get a bed? A million? A trillion? Well, now I have one. This one!*

It was delivered today, and it's all put together and dominating my room already. I'm kind of intimidated by it, actually. I've never owned a real bed. I mean, I've been sleeping on a mattress and boxspring for years, and once upon a time I actually had metal slats to lift them up a little, but this is the first time I've had an actual headboard and footboard, and it's so high up that I'm convinced I'm going to roll out of bed and kill myself mid-dream.

Sorsha, though, loves it. Having under-the-bed expands her territory considerably. I've barely seen her in hours. I also think she enjoys the higher altitude so she can better survey her vast kingdom. "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

* I got it for over $100 cheaper, though. In fact, within hours of my purchase, the price got raised. Awesome timing, me.
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My cat's latest thing is getting under the covers and curling up by my leg (preferably underneath it) to sleep. She even has a special, gratingly annoying meow to signal that it's blanket time, as she claws at my sheets, of course.

I can't tell if she does it because she wants to be closer to me, likes hiding, or is a tad cold. In any case, it's very useful when I'm cold in the middle of the night. She's better than a hot water bottle!
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I forgot to mark a special anniversary last week -- on January 24, it was three years since we adopted Sorsha.

pic! )

She cost $80, which is less than the amount I paid to get most of her hair shaved off so I could take her with me when I move. Worth every penny. Despite the death eyes she'd giving the camera here (she'd just come home from the groomer, so fair enough), I've never had a cat so loving and sweetly affectionate, and so tolerant of my incessant baby talk. When I'm in the midst of some of my deeper depressions, sometimes she's the only thing that makes me truly happy.

If you're in the market for a pet, choose one from a shelter, like we did! You might end up with one as awesome as mine.
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MACKENZIE, a spinster
SORSHA, a cat


MACKENZIE comes home from work. SORSHA is waiting for her by the door, possibly for the entire ten and a half hours she's been gone.

MACKENZIE: Sorsha! How are you?

SORSHA: [meow-speaks] Well!


End Scene

Author's Note: My cat has freaking awesome grammar.


Jan. 20th, 2011 07:51 am
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As I slowly woke up a few minutes ago, I thought I was hearing my cat going, "Pew pew pew pew pew!"

It was actually the sound of her nails scraping the inside of her litterbox.

First disappointment of the day.
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Places my cat could be sleeping right now:

1. The mountain of comics boxes with the blanket draped over them so Sorsha doesn't claw them but which Sorsha thinks makes it her cat throne

2. All of the bed I am not currently occupying (which is a lot; it's a queen)

3. My roommate's whole room, since she isn't here right now

4. The chair that Sorsha has designated her official placeholder for all loose tufts of black fur in the apartment; also good for clawing

5. The entire floor

Where my cat is actually sleeping right now:

1. Under my leg

I don't even know how this happened. It's surprisingly uncomfortable. Also, cat snores are not as adorable as one might think.
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I have spent my day hacking up my lungs and mentally preparing myself for the two errands I have to run. Would you please do me the honor of giving me some affection at the Holiday Love Meme?

If my cat could write and had any sense of caring about me, this is what she would post:

Dear taller one,

I like how you put food in my bowl sometimes, especially the wet kind, and how you let me rip up your sheets with a resigned sigh. The way you just let me shove you over and take up half the bed is really refreshing; you're clearly a fast learner. I don't like it when you put on socks and leave, but you always come back, sometimes with more food for me. Please stop touching the white spot on my belly. Hey, is that a bird?

Your owner, Princess Blacknfuzzy Goldeneyes of the Long-Tails (you call me Sorsha for some reason)
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Things my cat loves, part one:

Sorsha + my Macbook 4EVAH. Though actually, I think she's just trying to make me jealous.

oh cat

Jul. 10th, 2010 11:55 pm
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Since my cat got most of her hair shaved off, she's become a cuddle monster. I guess her long hair was what was inhibiting her until now. It's cute, but it's also like, hello cat, it's 85 degrees, I don't need a fuzzy space heater curled up against me.

This morning, I woke up to find that I'd rolled over onto her hind legs as I slept, and she'd just quietly accepted this and not struggled at all. Then she fell asleep on my foot and fell off the bed when she shifted in her sleep. She gets her gracefulness from me.
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My cat's fur had been matted badly enough that we decided that we really needed to get her professionally groomed. Today was the day that happened.

Problem number one: The groomer our vet recommended only takes cat appointments at 8 am. This meant I had to get up at 6:30 to be ready to go. That's a full hour earlier than usual. On a Saturday. Less than great.

Problem number two: My roommate is out of town, so I had to go this alone, which was all right. But I also had to deal with the car service alone, which turned out to be the biggest hassle of all. They were ten minutes late, leaving me with five to get to the groomer. Then, though the address was 57 [NAME] Ave, he thought I meant 57th and [NAME]. This is impossible, as the streets run parallel and started arguing with me about it when I objected. Finally, he grumpily turned onto [SIMILARLY NAMED] Parkway, which was still not the right way, and eventually he called the dispatch and sorted things out. I was ten minutes late.

Problem number three: It took about an hour, and I sat in the waiting area the whole time. Even with the volume all the way up on my iPod, I could hear Sorsha's yowls of distress, which made me want to cry. Also, it was depressing to see like eight dogs come in with their owners, all jaunty with excitement from the walk, and then literally start to tremble when they realized where they were. If I ever get a dog, I will not get one that needs to be groomed super-often.

Eventually, Sorsha emerged. They'd shaved her like a lion and tied a jaunty red-white-and-blue kerchief around her neck. She was less than happy.

Problem number four: Rather than give money to the crappy previous car service, I called a different one. They picked us up, and all was well until he pulled up to my building and I asked how much I owed him. "How much will you pay me to get out?" he asked, leering and grinning. UH WTF. I played dumb until he lost interest and said, "Just give me $7." Then he took my $10 and gave me $2 back. What?

Problem number five: Sorsha is clearly weirded out by the whole experience. Like, she's obviously insecure, which has the bonus of meaning she's really affectionate, but also clingy. I took a nap when we got home, and when I woke up, she was curled up on my back. This cat can barely stand laps. She also doesn't seem to know what to do with a body not covered in long poofy fur. Like, laying down and getting comfortable takes some effort now. It's kind of sad.

In conclusion, I am going to brush my cat's fur from now on. Once she has some.
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Sorsha on a 10 degree day: *hides under bed*

Sorsha on a 90 degree day: O HAI I SNUGGLE YOU NOW.

This cat baffles me. She may have been insecure because she thinks I love my new fan more than her, since I gave it her spot on the windowsill. I somehow made it through last summer without one, let alone air conditioning, but today I broke down and got one at Rite Aid (on sale!). Sorsha may be onto something, though -- I think this fan is the new love of my life. Along with copious numbers of Otter Pops, it might just get me through this heat wave.

Also, unrelated, but the mouse button on my Macbook seems to be sticking. That, or an incredibly douchey poltergeist is specializing in not clicking things and -- even more annoying -- clicking things at random. Anyone know how I might fix this?
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To make up for the traumatic vet incident, I got my cat some catnip, put it in a sock, and gave it to her. Now, catnip doesn't affect all or even most cats too strongly.

My cat is clearly in the minority. She is currently tripping worse than David After Dentist.

I mean, I even took her sock away from her, and she's still rolling around like a psycho and trilling and attacking her own tail. And not in the typical cute tail-chasing way -- like she seriously wants to nom it.

Oh man. She just jumped on the counter. I hope she doesn't think she can fly.
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Poor Sorsha had a rough day.

Her vaccinations were outdated, so a vet visit was scheduled for early this afternoon. One, this means she had to be stuffed into her carrier, which she Does Not Like, and two, we hired a car to take us the six blocks to the vet, which she also was uneasy about.

Once we were in the room, she suffered through all the usual injustices -- ears getting cleaned, teeth getting checked, temperature being taken in a delicate place, not being allowed to jump off the table. She struggled and got more upset once the shots were dealt out, but the worst was yet to come.

See, for a few weeks, she's been hacking a lot. More than usual, and she's not producing anything when she does it, and when the vet heard about it, he suggested doing some blood work and a heartworm test. It took four or five attempts to actually draw blood, with two nurses holding her down and the doctor trying several different positions. They even had to shave her throat to do it, and she just made one of the worst sounds I've ever heard. She was so terrified, and there was nothing I could do.

I seriously almost cried. I'm going to be one of those moms who burst into tears when their kids get shots.

Afterwards, she was so happy to leave that she climbed right into the carrier, literally licking her wounds. Once we got home, she understandably didn't want anything to do with us for a while and just ate and slept it off. Hours after the ordeal, she's back to purring and wanting pets and being nosy, and she made a run for it down the hall when I left the front door open a crack. I guess she'll recover.

It was also a rough day for me because I had to pay all that stuff. Guess what? Heartworm tests are expensive. It was nice knowing you, paycheck.

cat nap

Apr. 23rd, 2010 11:56 pm
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My cat is cuddled up against me and making adorable sleepy sounds -- this renders the bed far too hot! Off to the orphanage she goes!

Speaking of her annoying me while also being entirely too cute, I got her some live pet grass recently. Vague childhood memories of my mom explaining why our outdoor cats ate grass led be to believe this was to help settle their stomach and reduce vomiting, but it turns out I was wrong. It actually causes vomiting! S-M-A-T. But my research says they'll only throw up when they need to, and it doesn't hurt the cat, and Sorsha sure like eating blade by blade, so whatevs.


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