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This week on Dimestore Dames, I examine characters who suddenly drop off the face of the Earth and one reason children shouldn't be allowed to name kittens: Shard.

Apropos of nothing, we've suddenly been slammed with cold, and I don't like it. I may just wear a sleeping bag to work tomorrow.


Jun. 9th, 2011 09:02 pm
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This week at Dimestore Dames, I take a look at Echo.

In other news, there is lightning tonight and I don't like it. But I guess it's still better than the trillion degree heat wave today.
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The next two days will reach temperatures nearing 100 F. Wtf weather. Why are we skipping spring entirely? Nofe air.

On the plus side, Dunkin Donuts is having their $0.99 iced tea promotion (any size), which means I can quench my thirst with a giant-ass drink that lasts me from 8 am to 6 pm. On the minus side, I'm pretty sure the tea is eating a hole through my acid reflux-prone stomach. But will I abstain? Probably not. The deal is too good to worry about my health.


May. 26th, 2011 10:46 pm
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For my last post for Mom Month, I take a look at a pretty pretty Inhuman princess, Crystal.

In other news, it's going to be like a million degrees tomorrow. On Monday, I actually wore a jacket to work because it was cold and rainy enough for it. Wtf, weather?
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I'm confused because yesterday was the first day of spring, so I assumed that today I'd walk to work with a jaunty kick to my step, admiring all the swaying, brightly colored flowers that popped up overnight and tipping my hat to the grinning anthropomorphic trees.

Instead it was all rainy and cold. Wtf.

Look, Mother Nature, I've gotten used to temperatures in the 60-70F range. Don't jerk me around or you will make a powerful enemy. SO POWERFUL.
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I've only had one for-true snow day in my entire life.

*crosses fingers*

ETA the next morning: Saxamaphoooooone. :(
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I like having a decent camera phone.

This is what I woke up to this morning:

in the courtyard )

Eventually, I needed to get out of the apartment because someone was cooking something funky-smelling that I just knew was going to give me a migraine.

just outside the building )

It was weird to be walking around the busy shopping district I live near and see almost no one outside. Some of the major streets hadn't been plowed by noon, and there were big stretches of sidewalk that hadn't been salted. There were at least as many closed businesses today as there were on Christmas (but luckily, I think Starbucks would be open even during an actual apocalypse). On the way back, I stumbled in the snow, and it came up to above my knee.

I also like having decent snow boots. And thermal underwear.


Dec. 26th, 2010 10:16 pm
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A blizzard is rather nice when you don't have to go out into it. I've been watching it all day through a window that's gotten more and more snow-covered as the hours have gone by. A warm cat has been snuggling my feet, and the radiator is spewing out heat like a pro.

It's nice. Especially since I don't have to trudge through it to work tomorrow.

Also, blizzards always remind me how freaking hot Almanzo Wilder was in the The Long Winter. You know what I'm talking about, Little House fans, amirite?
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Awful news to wake up to:

1. Greg Giraldo died

2. Tony Curtis died

3. Torrential rain today



Sep. 16th, 2010 10:10 pm
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Before leaving work, I checked the weather and saw there was a 60% chance of rain this evening. I made sure to bring my umbrella, smug at my own sense of foresight.

Turns out umbrellas aren't much help when the torrential rain is blowing sideways into your face. That was a long subway ride home.

two bads

Sep. 1st, 2010 11:02 pm
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Hey y'all, if you could not tweet or Facebook comments from my private LJ entries, I'd be much obliged. I'mma wait and see if LJ provides an opt-out before I consider doing anything drastic, but I do have an empty DW account (same name) if anyone wants to add me.

In other news, I had lofty goals tonight, like washing and blow-drying my hair and writing a decent LJ entry, but it's too freaking hot to do anything but lay here and sweat.
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I went shopping for work shirts today! And I bought...a work shirt! Success!

I also bought yet another sweat shirt. It was 98 F at the time. But! It's really cute? And has ducks on it? I felt it was a wise purchase. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can start wearing outerwear again.

Not to mention close the windows. Because mosquitoes love me. I have five bites on my feet, one on my knuckle, and one on my arm. Thanks a lot for taking my blood in the most awkward of places!

And also it's like 90 F still, so I can barely string thoughts together, let alone words.
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Today it was bitterly rainy and windy, but I had six books on hold at the library, so I decided to make the 15 block journey there anyway. This resulted in:

* Me standing ankle-deep in water in the flooded subway station
* Almost getting hit in the face by a metal door that was flung open by the wind
* Stopping every other minute to adjust, try to fix, and curse at my increasingly broken umbrella
* Making the discovery that several of my books were much larger and heavier than anticipated
* Going, "Eh, fuck it" and deciding to just walk home
* Stopping by the grocery store without considering the difficulties of managing my book bag, broken umbrella, and grocery bag in torrential rain
* Deep bruises on my wrist from managing those groceries

When I got home at 2 PM, I put on my pajamas and have not left the building since. No regrets.

sans boots

Feb. 26th, 2010 11:57 pm
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We were let out at 3 PM today due to Snowpacalypse II -- the Recoldening.

Having braved the slush for two days in tractionless sneakers, I went to seven different stores looking for rain or snow boots. The results? Either buy $150 boots from Shoemania, deal with too small or too large boots from the Brooklyn DSW, or figure out how to make a pair of boots out of two rights (one size 7, the other size 8) at Target.

My feet were very cold.

Stupid Sorsha for biting a hole in my perfectly acceptable rubber boots.


Feb. 21st, 2010 02:20 pm
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Today's my last week as a 25-year-old! I always get sentimental about counting down the final days until my birthday. I have no idea why. I'm also one of those obnoxious people who celebrates the very minute of my birth, which is usually pretty convenient considering I was born at 1:15 PM PST.



I did take a walk. I went to the third farthest away Rite Aid to buy candy cough drops. And now I'm going back to the same area for pizza! But before I go, I actually wanted to ask for recommendations for:

1. Places to buy sweaters. I'm always cold, so I'm constantly on the lookout for cardigans. But warm snuggly ones, not light ones, because my workplace is like a block of ice. However, Old Navy sweaters tend to pill up immediately, and JCPenney ones are kind of fug. I don't want to spend more than like $40 on one. Options?

2. YA and middle grade novels. I feel like I've been in a reading rut when it comes to novels lately. I'm very open to suggestions.
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Yesterday was gloriously warm, which at this point apparently means 50 F. I, the girl who has always been notorious for putting a sweater on if it's under 75, was pretty much ready to put on a bathing suit and run through some sprinklers. I mean, the last several weeks have just been so unrelentingly cold and nasty that even the smallest bump in temperature feels like a godsend.

But unfortunately, it also meant I wasn't too scared of the cold to venture outside. I've had some library books sitting around since, like, November, but it's been too cold to take the fifteen minute walk to the library so I can return them. Yesterday, I did, telling myself all the while to just consider this exercise, because I was not getting more books. This warm respite wasn't going to last, and besides, I couldn't remember what books I wanted anyway.

I came home with six.

Two and a half of them have already been read, plus I snuck a BSC book in between for a little extra levity. And that's all well and good for now, but in a few weeks, I'm going to have to lug all these back, possibly through the snow. Or I guess I could just abscond with them and ruin my library card like I did all the others.
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I knocked a few things off my To Do list today, and tomorrow I'll be finishing up others or deciding not to do them at all because apparently the blizzard that ate Manhattan is being projected to roll through over the weekend. I don't care as long as it's done and clear on Tuesday, when I leave. I'm already nervous enough about flying; flying into snow is too much for me to comprehend.

Anyway, I went to the rheumatologist today, and he thinks it's more likely that I have fibromylagia than arthritis. Score?

Okay, not actually. But I'm glad to be getting somewhere.

And thanks for the holiday cards, [livejournal.com profile] derien and [livejournal.com profile] harmonyangel!
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I got my makeup done by a professional today, but by the time I got home to my webcam, it was all pretty much melted off.

Stupid 90+ degree days.
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Late this morning, I saw that it was in the low 70s and cloudy, so I figured it was safe to take a walk. I try to exercise a few hours every week, just to train myself in case I ever need to run away from Dracula someday, but lately it's been either rainy or so hot that I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Well, I kind of regret the decision to be healthy, because I feel like I've basically been sweating profusely ever since. I think I really underestimated the humidity. During the walk, I kept hoping it would rain just to cool me down, and I ended up having to start back early. When I met [livejournal.com profile] poisonivory in a subway station a little while later, I had to leave her there while I went to buy a bottle of water. And now I'm having to deal with braving the inferno that is the laundry room while my clothes are getting washed (I seriously think there is no hotter place on Earth than the laundry room).

So I don't feel good, I'm panting, I feel sticky, and waaah.

However, none of this stopped me from enjoying spicy waffle fries and a thick milkshake from Max Brenner for lunch. Mmm, the perfect hot weather food!
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I have never in all my twenty-odd years experienced so much rain in one season -- especially in summer. It's probably because I'm a desert kid, but seriously, should I be starting up plans for an ark?

I always thought I liked rain, but now I've figured out that it's just a lot more of a novelty when you sometimes go months without a wet day.


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